This game killed my hard drive

That’s right froze up and killed the drive.

It probably wasn’t the game, and actually the hard drive was failing and you didn’t know it.

Edit: Yeah, all of your recent posts about the game freezing up and then crashing your console are usually symptoms of a hard drive failure. It would make sense considering your game data and, more than likely, the game itself is stored there.

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It formatted the drive.

Well that’s interesting… It could still possibly be a hard drive failure…

Microsoft tested it it’s not harddrive

I do have a question, are you on PC or Xbox?


Well that’s a different story altogether… I still don’t think it’s the games fault however, but I will say that perhaps you should heed this advice: You may want to get a new hard drive, because this could still be signs of an impending hard drive failure. Granted, I’m no tech expert, but it’s better safe than sorry.

I’m done with a busted game constant crashes and restarts I’m done. Lost all the content that I worked for for a game that’s complete trash.

You didn’t lose the content, it’s there. Your achievements are there too. Maybe you’ll have to restart your campaign, but it should sync when you start it up.