This game is unplayable

How is this allowed to happen? Like seriously it’s literally unplayable. There is so much wrong with this game that TC should be sued

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Care to describe how?


I dunno man. I hopped on tonight for about 3 hours and everything played silky smooth.


I tend to play just fine.

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I got kicked out of a Co-op vs Ai game trying to do my orders. I don’t have bad connection nor am I in a third world country so that was all on TC. It’s happened like twice so not enough to be annoying.

But when it does happen it catches me completely off guard because I’ll be in the middle of cutting someone in half and then i look to my right and Marcus and Lizzie are flying or running into a wall

The game has been unplayable for me for nearly 2 weeks now , the lag seems to be getting worse , it’s got to the point where I think I’m going to give up on the game


It was bad at the beginning but now it improved for the better :ok_hand:t2: the last major bug that i experiences was when Clayton would use his ultimate and the game would crash

I love it when people do this


A year in too…it’s a fkn joke.

Incompetence is an understatement.

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Its playable at times just boring playing tdm now 4 v 4 is lame asf and 1 parter is boring asf. I would rather give my game away then play king of the hill.

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Game is slower, more unresponsive. Shots are more inconsistent now then launch. Sticking to cover, jumping over walls when I choose not to. The gameplay since the latest tuning has put me off completely, the game definitely plays very differently.

I don’t play to often, but enough to know gameplay is worse. Honestly when using the gnasher I don’t know when I’m going to get a kill or not? I can body someone from a logical range one time, then the next nothing. Most recently it’s gone back to me shooting a good shot, only for the enemy to take it and then get that deciding shot.

Overall I’m not happy with the game. I was more happy before they added this new tuning which is sluggish and basically crap imo. Sorry TC, unhappy customer.


I think that that Microsoft owns pretty much everything I wouldn’t worry about them being sued, I would worry that TC won’t get fired.

I think the next logical step for Microsoft its to fire TC and bring the big boys from ID Software to work on Gears.

they have it big enough to create good games and mantain customers happy with the product.

this is what Gears of War 6 needs:

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