This game is so frustrating

I took a break from this game and I hopped on this weekend. Immediately felt the stress.

Seems like every game I either get teamed up with teammates who are clueless, go against a stacked team, or both. Yea I have my days where I suck, but I’m sure the problem is more of the type of people I get teamed up with or the people I play against.
And people are still quitting.


Yepp very much so just teamed with freaking morons…oh no don’t worry about reviving me when I’m literally at ur boot…see a enemy about to flank oh no don’t worry about marking Target or chasing him I’ll just let him take point…or the classic guy who wants to play so badly in ranked but forgets how to even move past spawn and sits there…random sucj

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For me worst one are ppl who are rushing with gnasher and have 20 deaths and about 2 kills at the end of match


That would be me. :rofl::rofl::rofl:



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What game are you playing? Based on your comments there other factors that have impacts. less quitting in competition then core

Example: I really like escalation but the competitive tuning makes it very rough on lets say seasoned rookie not noob like my self sitting at bronze 3. Add to that the fact that players sport as i saw last night 100 to 238 ping anyone not really skilled will struggle even if they try hard.

I do better in core, but i have onyx, gold and silver guys i play with and when i am the fifth i get my blank handed to me every game cause it matches our team to others alike and guess what? not one bronze on there. but its made me better when i am not with them and helps me when i play competitive escalation.

It just amazes me how many one shot 100% hist there our in competitive. One thing i have learn to enjoy is the kills i get , the crossing i do to help and the rings i cap as i sneak around the battles of slayers lol

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Story of my life, tried to play a game of King of the Hill (iI suppose it could have been TDM) the other night searching solo (I’m currently sitting @ onyx 1) and got matched up vs a d5 d3 and d1 player with not one Diamond ranking player on my team, the exact opposite actually, we had a silver and gold player on our team. We lost the first round and then someone quit on our team, safe to say the other team was also talking/communicating with each other where as my team was jus running around randomly it felt like, spawn run into enemy and die, repeat. I think the ranking system itself is fine, but the matchmaking system is broken af… Says “Comparing skills” then throws me into that game onto the losing team, how does that make sense?