This game is so barebones

There’s barely any characters, maps and loadout weapons. In fact there’s zero variety of weapons to start with in Versus just Lancer and Gnasher only, what happened to 5 loadout weapons in Gears 3 or 7 weapons in Judgement. If I wanted to play a Gears game with just those 2 weapons I’ll just play Gears UE. 1566230609278


99.9 percent of people using shotgun :grimacing: Gears its not cod

Agreed. Where’s the options Of a loadout. Who cares about esports. Give us weapon variety and different play styles. The hammerburst has been in since gears 2. It’s bogus man.

All I see are bad arguments for why they shouldn’t be included. “ITS NOT COD.” Dude, introducing play styles increases longevity to the game as a whole. It has absolutely nothing to do with call of duty.the weapon damages…yes lol as they are now , but that’s irrelevant to this topic.

Yeah I would prefer if we could spawn with a couple of launcher weapons and salvo in KOTH

I don’t get this community:
“I’ve been playing since 06, Thiis isn’t Gears.”
“Why Only 2 weapons starting loadout?!”

Like, which is it? I can’t stand going on these forums anymore as it’s people being negative non stop. With extremely poor logic and reasoning.

As an aside, I love Gears 5. However, these bugs are crazy and do hamper the experience. Aside from them though, I’m thrilled with the game