This game is over. Gears 5 fails again

It’s a sadness that this game is dying so miserably, problems in every update, problems in multiplayer. The worst part is that The Coalition doesn’t care. I think the Gears community does not deserve this treatment. There are many problems that this game has and for a franchise like Gears of War it is to belittle its history, its community and its value in the world of video games. Finally I believe that these problems will never have a solution because The Coalition does not care. In marcus voice: “This is bu#$%#hit


Xbox live is just having problems the last couple days. Lol the game will be fine


I mean it sucks but what do you expect. Gears for some reason cant compete with the fortnites, apexs, and call of dutys of the modern gaming industry. If you look at this forum you see the same 20 people talking to each other, compared to when the game was released.


That is true, it is sadder still. Gears of War has lost value as a franchise.


You cant grow unless you change. Gears is stuck in the past and so is a lot of its fan base.


Halo 5 has no problems, neither does Gta V, Warzone, fortnite, minecraft, only Gears 5!


This made me laugh so hard.

It’s so true, also it’s hilarious.


I mean-- Gears 5 is nothing like any of the past games.

Most of the fanbase I talk to were less than 10 years old when gears 1 launched, so… bit strange to be considered stuck in the past.

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Gow 5 is the only game where my shots do not register, yet I can go to halo 5 and have no problems.


The core concept is. We should have more options, not less. We cant even play with the hammer in pubs

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Dude G5 has so many more options, to a fault over past games.

Truer words have never been said.

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And yet 95 percent of our kills are from the shotgun


I have played it for ten years. It’s seriously so hard to make a good Gears of war game. It cannot be that in my time only one has worked (that does not mean that it did not have major flaws) Gears of war 3.


It’s most hard because each and every person has their own vision, and they know what they want, but not how to get it.

Can’t make a cohesive game designed by committee.


That’s true and the original shell of TC that’s gone would never make up their mind on what game they wanted to make. How many times how they changes either the movement or aim mechanics?


Although–I stopped playing Gears 5 since March 2021 or so, just picked it up again a day or two ago.

It does feel a lot better in MP.

Its hit and miss for me. Plenty of 99%s and things of that nature.

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At least they added that 83% bloodspray.

Hit home with that one.


But nobody does that, in the “big” games they don’t do it like that. I don’t expect them to. We know that the communities do not set the guideline, and less in Gears. But why are they so complicated. The other videogames handle a mechanics standard, and they only care about the content of the following season.