This game is on par with anthem

I bloody love gears but this is absolutely rubbish . Where do I start . So many issues it’s beyond a joke .
Anthem was just the same cool concepts but player base disappeared due to no content and the game not working just like this shower of crap

Constant problems with the servers yet there meant to be this so called top of the range 60 tick crap.

All design options you’ve chosen are a step backwards . And not built on from gears 4.

The store . Let’s not go there . Prices are pathetic

Your more concerned bring a new hive map every week then sorting out these problems
Totally destroyed horde with ■■■■■■■■ no duplicate system .
Catered to noobs with aim assist and stupid flash bangs
I’ve payed 70 quid to watch a screen either go bright red or bright white every 2 minutes . With this amazing inverse omen crap.
But hay ho tc don’t read the forums as there running around like headless chickens thinking what stupid blood spray to to charge people .