This game is not any better

Bad ping, inconsistent game play which TC will not acknowledge as a problem, rank issues, extra stars not being awarded. I mean when does it stop? It seems like everything is broken. I am not here to cuss out the devs I understand the challenges before them but I do have to question why I am still playing this. Mostly because I love the game…when it works. However 5 out of 10 times it’s a heaping mess.

What frustrates me most is the community will tell TC of an issue and they point to every other reason why we are wrong. The cone has been used in multiple games there is something wrong with this cone granted I will accept finding were will take time but they kind of brush off the issue.

I’ve mostly been grinding this game to finish my tour of duty even spending iron to do this. Now blue stars aren’t going to work? Extend the tour you are messing me up and I will not be able to complete this grindy tour and all that iron was spent for nothing because the objectives are horrible and award nothing in terms of progression.

TC says its upsetting when the community insinuates they are lying well TC that is a two way street. We are not lying about the state of the game it a mess and I cant speak for everyone but we want to help direct this game to where it should be but we cant do that if you dont listen and shrug off issues brought up as working as intended.