This game is infuriatingly unlike the gears we enjoy

I have tried really hard to like this game, and the new features that came along with it, but unfortunately this game has to rank among the lowest of the low for satisfaction and experience. My competitive and casual sides were both unsatisfied as i was flung into some rifle abusing, flash bang spamming, camp fest, casual ■■■■ fest known as Gears 5. Below I will list a complete list of the things that i believe need to be changed and the reasons for it. The competitive combat that we loved about gears is almost completely gone and this makes the experience not enjoyable for not only the loser but the winner as well.

What needs to change:

*Please for the love of god make the flashbang a pick up weapon. The addition of a universal spawn flashbang has completely demolished the Gears like gameplay for gamemodes such as KOTH. I cant count the amount of times I was flashed 5 times in a row and on top of that demolished by a grenade in the chaos. It feels like im being brainfucked by bigfoot as i just sit here and watch my screen flash repeatedly. This is not how gears was meant to be played. A much preferable alternative would be the fair and skill based movement and gnasher one on one interactions that make Gears what it is. Not some stunned and blinded repeatedly and then easily picked off and rolled the entire team back and fourth.

*What happened to some of the gamemodes? 2v2 Gnashers?
If this truly was the biggest gears to date you wouldnt have taken a step back right? right? Well you done ■■■■■■ it up. Some game modes included in Gears 4 just make no appearance in Gears 5. Where did they go and why were they removed? Who knows. Why an unnecessary removal of content (Which is something i see throughout the entire game btw)

*Bleh Tour of Duty and WTF reup rewards
Not only are the rewards absolute generic trash, the new way to get said rewards is essentially impossible and a complete mess. I have found no reason to even worry about completing any of the quests given to me or find any real value in this in any replayable form. Not to mention the big ■■■■ you to anyone who would want to grind levels in this game. Guess what you get for sinking days and days into the game for Reup 1, a spray. Yes a spray. No loot, nothing of any value. A spray.

*Bring the old gnasher bullet count of 8 back. There was no reason to change something that definitely wasnt broken. For someone who spent a lot of time in Gears 4 this was a noticeable and very damaging change. The reason behind this is unknown and completely baffles me.

*You made the game a lancer paradise. Why? well ■■■■ you anyone who likes gnasher gameplay. Here take a casual call of duty like experience instead. You dont need any skill, no wall bouncing, no mastering of the gnasher, no high iq plays, and no clutching. All you have to do is hit 11 lancer shots. It is absolutely astonishing to me how this passed as okay to the Coalition. This has completely destroyed the competitive aspect of Gears and has flipped it into something that creates such a terrible experience for everyone. On top of the flashbangs and unnecessary changed to the gnasher. Gears of war is changing which really could have been a really good thing. But they definitely missed the mark. And as someone who has reached Diamond rank in 2v2 Gnashers I heavily dislike the lancer in its current state and nothing you say could make me think it is healthy for the game.

*HORDE in Gears 5 is the worst experience i have ever had playing Horde in any game. Although it is fun and enjoyable to an extent it still feels bleh. It feels almost slapped together with no effort. There is nothing new here, and to be more specific nothing new here that is good. I would have expected some sort of revolutionizing feature or something to keep the game interesting but in Hordes current state i cannot sit and mindlessly kill leeches and rejects for hours on end. I think the abilities are cool but the skill cards are boring and lacking.

*Customization? where is it? where is any of it?
It feels almost as if the game was released a year before it was intentionally supposed to come out. The lack of customization but the obviously well thought out micro transaction store really turns me off to even thinking about supporting such a greedy and lazy company.

To the Coalition, if you care at all maybe take some of this into consideration because currently you are headed for a terrible failure of a game.


Even with this or that change, the game has already been designed for a casual style of play.

I’m with you, this is not what we veterans enjoy.

The maps are so campy and lancer-driven that the game plays just so bad. It feels like a beta to me.

The game is bare bones, lacking, and casual. Gow J 2.0


I concur with your analysis good sir.

Sadly so many poor choices were made for GoW5 (I imagine all for the sake of $$$) & they’re mostly fundamental, meaning they cannot & will not be changed (I’m referring to things such as terrible map design & the monstrosity that is now Horde).

I have numerous other minor concerns with this instalment but am almost positive my voice would not be heard or just simply ignored… Or even deleted, so I won’t bother.

I will add though, I miss Beast Mode, Best. Game type. Ever.
I know it isn’t possible with TC’s version of Gears, just don’t have the variety needed.
But it is missed, at least by me… I’ve NEVER been a fan of the COG (Grub for life), so absolutely LOVED slaughtering helpless humans with my mighty Locust buddies =]

Which leads to one minor gripe that I have yet to see mentioned on these forums…
It really is unimportant in the grand scheme, but I hate having to look at a COG character when at the main menu. As stated above, I do not care for them, having to be stared at by Sarah Connor all the time is just weird… Especially when I have Gilded Raam hidden away just yearning to be recognised for all his glory…

I’ll shut up now…

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Almost surprised they didn’t revert back to red Cog VS blue Cog for multiplayer =P


A great post, im a horde player who took up verses in 4, mainly due to ruining horde in general and creating a selfish community to boot…im not great with the shotty but beating a good wall bouncing veteran in a 1 on 1 is satisfying to someone like myself…overpowering lancers ect is leaning towards cod type gameplay…i appreciate as horde player that verses is and should be about close quarter combat, where your movement and skills are truly tested…cod type gameplay doesnt need to be catered for, they already have multiple games of that type to play…im playing 5 today for 1st time, wont be playing horde as the changes are to much…but hey ho lets see :smile:


If they reworked everything in multiplayer and horde I would be happy, but before they rework everything they need to get rid of whoever was the lead designer on this game. Get he/she out of here because there design decisions are awful.


I honestly feel like I’m playing call of duty & I hate that no skill rubbish!


Would love to support you, but I really don’t think your input matters anymore…

I really feel this game is too far gone from “the Gears we know…”