This game is Gib City!

  1. Someone walking like a bot and shoots from ten feet away. GIB
  2. Someone roadie runs and shoots from ten feet. GIB
  3. You roadie run up to someone and they shoot ten feet away. GIB.

Tonight was brutal. I don’t know what mechanics are causing this but it is really ruining it for me. There’s no true gnasher battles anymore. It’s just more of who can luckily get the Gib.

What do you guys think would help the situation from TC???

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Gnasher needs some work…

Had the same experience last night.

The sponging was out of control. Everyone I played with last night said the same thing.

The unusual part is that it was random per round :thinking:

There was this one guy who I killed like 15 times in koth in the first round, he couldn’t touch me. Then that same player was unkillable in the next round, getting 97%s or no damage at all from what was point blank gibs in the first round. It was insane.

@Vassy175 get in here and testify 'brotha

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Agreed, the gnasher needs a bit of work but after the recent updates to the lancer and matchmaking (pings) I think TC for the first time are moving in the right direction. I just feel the GIB range fluctuates there isn’t any real consistency, hopefully TC will work on this further down the line.

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Had this happen to me tonight I was going for a clutch 1v 9 got them down to 3 and the last guy absorbed and bodied me and I did 99% to him, like wtf is that.

Match directly after that I couldn’t get a kill to save my life, I was being bodied by a good 5 yards away, like in previous GoWs it would have only been a 3 point shot. It’s super random.

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The gnasher battle IS who can get the gib first… its called a body in gears… the goal is to have high level movement so that you can instantly outplay nerds and instantly body them…

Now this is crazy… I just played today and had no issues lol MVP in two matches. Gears is weird.

Gnasher seems to be very inconsistent as of right now. Getting alot of 90%+ scenarios and getting gibbed from 50 feet away.

The gnasher needs some work for sure however I think the pong reported on the UI is a lie to avoid the yelling about ping. I’ve seen people with allegedly good ping just eat 3-4 shots close range and then I explode from a mile away with thier shotgun when I put distance between us is. It is crazy! I also think the code is messed up. Companies generally never say oh we messed that up they will quitely try to fix it. I think there are a lot of issues coding wise that they wont own up to because even locally sometimes AI will eat shots and when you add ping into it we have this mess.