This game is frustrating

I just finish some match arcade in SOCIAL and i found 5 stack player from PC,it was a complete domination from the enemy team and of course a lot of people quit the match… I try to quit and find other match but for 3 time i got the same player…is a waste of my time try to enjoy this game…i miss the old good day with gears 4 in social with only 2 stack for each team…and before someone say “get good in the game” just rember,i play SOCIAL(not rank) for 1 reason,try to enjoy…i have the xbox only for gears because i love the original trilogy and 4,but with this i reached up my limit…good bye gears 5…


Never encountered such a thing in arcade. Just bounce out of the lobby man it’s not a big deal.


Rather kill myself than play arcade to be honest


And guess what. TC made TDM all yours. Stop trying to ruin other modes with this “ree ban stacks”-nonsense.

If I run into people/stacks dominating Arcade-lobbies I’ll just play 1-2 Escape-matches and find another lobby afterwards.


I’m not a fan of the game mode myself but I don’t hate it that much, sheesh.


“Gne gne gne pls i want to play with my friend because alone suck” guess what TC made rank all for you.
Stop with this ■■■■■■■■ because 5 stack versus 3 bot and 2 player is not fair…
Social is social but everyone use this ■■■■ for destroy the other,maybe is low ego?
Im tired to play social and play like ranked because TC cant build a decent game…
What is the problem? Everyone can play with friend,horde escape and rank are build for this people,but let the social for the ■■■■■■ player like me!!!


You sound a little mad, friendo.

And what exactly would be the point of adding a mode called ARCADE to Ranked? Kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

Im mad because this forum is full of stupid like you,no one understand nothing, everyone with this super ■■■■■■■ ego ■■■■,made arcade rank so the trash stack can play together,my god…now i know why TC use twitter…

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You dodged the question while simultaneously calling me stupid. Impressive.


Ok im done enjoy your game…

TC after Op5 and DLC drop:


Will do thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I get what you’re trying to say.

Stacks in social but I can’t stack in ranked tdm. It’s odd.

It’s lame people have to 5 stack in social.



yeah you are seeing stacks everywhere in social you see them in the weekly events and some of these stacks are high ranked players. it fun to play together. it’s just annoying and overwhelming to see a high ranks 5 stack in social.
it makes worse when they harass the other team just because they dominated.


They’ll come in TDM social and harass people too. It’s because they can’t run stacked in tdm



That’s a serious problem.

You can stack in social but not tdm so the tdm warriors just beat on new comers trying to learn how to play & I beat the new comers just stop pvp out of frustration

TDM is not the only problem,the bot is disabled in all game mode so most of the time you see stack versus 2 player…bot in social is the only way to balance but for some reason are disabled…my opinion for the 2 stack limit in social is for populated rank mode again,i see master rank every day and when i ask “why you play social” the reply is “i cant find rank match so i play social with my friend” this is the problem.
3 playlist in social:
Quick play all mode
Player vs bot
And for the ranked 7 game mode:
Gnasher 2v2
With this adjustement stack play rank with friend,and the lone wolf like me can enjoy,and everyone is happy…
Sorry for the english i hope you understand.

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Yeah it should’ve been like Gears 3 or 4. There were only 1 or 2 social playlists and it should stay that way

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The best decision you can make

Arcade is getting more and more hype, bring your stack for sure.

Stacks are enjoying the deep meta of arcade, and are coordinating different arcade classes to optimize their strategy. Also, communication and team work is paramount, because stacks need to adjust their strategy on the fly depending on who is getting kills and can skull in power weapons. The rest of the team then shifts to support that.