This game is currently a laggy unplayable mess (TC please acknowledge this)

Do the ranked matches really count anyway? With no REAL LEADERBOARDS?

Just wanted to jump in here and say i am experiences many of the same issues!

I am constantly getting stuck on walls and corners! I am rolling a lot now too (presumably because of the sticky walls). Op 3’s game-play felt smoother in general.

I also am experiences harsh frame drops on PC. Almost everyone i know on PC is getting 40-60 frame drops post Op3

Surely a hot fix is coming for these things Coalition???

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So many disconnections, even with a 20 - 30 ping. The worst thing is the time you get as sanction for a server problem. sigh

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Why not delet POST BUTTEN HERE!!!

Completely agree with all 4 points above. I definitely had a bit of a honeymoon phase with op 4, have been playing for the first time in 6 months or so and many things are vastly improved, but it’s still a very frustrating experience online for me at the moment. I would just add to those 4 points that movement is still too slow in my opinion i.e. wall sliding speeds, which combined with the other points raised here is no fun at all.

I got you. I should have made clearer that I was referring to both modes. Versus is has slightly more latency but otherwise seems like the PvE. That being said I did get stuck on cover a couple of times tonight, which is something I hadn’t encountered prior to my last post. It was almost like an input delay issue. Given that is a super rare occurrence, it hasn’t frustrated me, but if it was occurring every match it most definitely would: I’m not sure I ever had this happen prior to OP4, but I can’t say for sure…

Yeh shotgun seems to be getting worse by the day but that could be my patience vanishing

Pretty much exactly what I felt at the start of Op 3 as well but this time it’s also happening way more frequent in normal ping games.

I’m also getting a weird bug where my roadie run stops working all together.

I like all the new stuff/modes being added to gears 5 but I really don’t like the update culture that keeps breaking the game .

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it’s sad but it’s actually bad servers

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Has TC yet to acknowledge ANY of the issues in this thread??

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I noticed the same old “weapon reloads when you pull the trigger” junk going on. also, now when I try to chainsaw, it goes into that “missed the active reload” animation where you get angry at your gun. In addition, I’ve noticed the shotgun is still really bad. Near point blank shots do nothing.


Hi, it’s pinned here Ranked Preseason Feedback

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The game is more broke. I dont care what anyone says.


Just to concur multiplayer is laggy and I’m sticking WAY too much, UK based. I am enjoying aspects of 5 without a doubt but tonight as most nights my “Gears” time will be spent on 3 and 4.

It’s the gib range and It’s a gamble a lot of the time with connections.

Agree. This and OP post describe well the “off” feeling of movement and shooting right now. Not used to what is going on.


I used that tactical information to know if a player dies off my screen while I rotate. The no cap message in the killfeed is causing me to linger too long in the hill. What setting turns that back on???

There isnt an option. Its about gp or whtever the bs points they have now.
I wouldnt know. I only play quick play now
I cant stand koth.
And this way the reason why theh took escalation out. If you watch gears esports. They are still using the old point system. Thats why we dont see ranked esclation. Not because it wasnt popular. Tc hasnt figured out a point system for it

This game is basically unplayable at this point. It isnt fun. The movement is insanly slow. You have certain covers where you literally cant come off of and a icon that has the X button will come on. And it doesn’t do anything.
Perfect example - MAP , DAM. Right off of spawn on the the right side. The first corner
Try and up A off that first corner to the far right (it would be far left on the left spawn side)
You will not be able to come off tht cormer NO MATTER WHAT.
I have a video clip of it but i dont know how to upload it to the forum
I have it on one drive.

P2P I’d get but isn’t this done with dedicated servers?

What’s the player base like on Gears 4 atm? Are you constantly;y seeing the same people? Wait times?

Wait times for koth are very short, bare in mind I’m playing in the evenings.
You do see a lot of the same names and the lobbies are anything from Bronze to Diamond. I’m Gold, 2.