This game is currently a laggy unplayable mess (TC please acknowledge this)

The update fixed many important things but ever since it dropped the connections have been terrible.

A few different things are happening to me that weren’t happening before the update.

  1. I am getting stuck on cover at an extremely high rate. Back A’s are not working properly or are delayed and up A’s aren’t working because my character is sliding an inch away from the end of the piece of cover and it wont allow me to go around.

  2. Frame rate drops and jitter lag. My frames have been dropping during gunfights and after I die people are always skipping around. I have killcams disabled so I see what you would see in the older games after death, and 100% of the time people are skipping and jittering around.

  3. Lobbies are being disbanded for no reason, sometimes in quickplay the match just glitches and nobody loads in. Ranked match lobbies constantly fail due to “player quitting” which is complete BS. There’s no way someone is quitting this often, it’s clearly just the game being ■■■■.

  4. The gnasher is just not working. I see people on here saying it feels good. Are we playing the same game?? I always have between 20 and 30 ping and my gnasher is ridiculously inconsistent. 87% in 1 is rampant, even moreso than before and sometimes my shots are simply just not registering or the gun wont even shoot in the first place.

We’re in a honeymoon phase with op4 right now. The reality is that although op4 was a big step in the right direction, this game still needs some serious work. It is still far from being an enjoyable experience in my opinion.


Definitely getting stuck and yes games can be very laggy with players Pings all over the place.


I want to second that. Up A leave around cover/ simultaneously shoot is screwed up. Also during bounce shots triggers pulls result in no shots a LOT


feel exavtly the same, its such a buggy unfinished operation.
the gnasher is feeling so inconsistent. stuck rate walls annoys me to and yes i feeled it too, no shots come out of gnasher in intense wallcanceling fights


Are you playing on a regular Xbox One? Performance is rock solid for me as it’s always been on Xbox One X, and even with my terrible internet plus an average 65 ping, connection is for the most part good for me. When it’s bad in Gears for me is when it’s bad in general for the connection in my house.

Try checking which servers you are connecting to and your server preference if you haven’t yet.

I have been experiencing significant dropped frames and lag since the OP4 update. Playing on PC, American East Coast servers.

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I think this update is even worse than 3.

I could care less about the update tod, ranking etc etc.
I care about the gameplay and what game mode im playing. And neither are fun.
I dont Want to play KOTH, THE game feels sooo off its not even funny.
Im jumping after releasing X (i play classic alt ) more often than not. Im more surprised when i dont jump now.
Im getting killed when im completely past an enemy ( he isnt even on my screen anymore and im gibbed)

There are sooo many delays that i dont know if it was implemented or just lag at this point. And honestly. They game feels slower. Did they implement this 600 slide speed bs and not say anything.
I can’t blame one thing. Its mulitple things all combined.
Im really hoping these are bugs and they will be fixed. Because this BS SUCKS


I have had no issues thus far… although I’m Pacific - US, on the Xbox S. I know it could be radically different for people who aren’t in the US/Mexico.

Like those Burning Crocodile Spiders.

I am having the exact same issues. And I got kicked twice with no option to rejoin available. At least TC is keeping the tradition in fixing one issue and bringing in 20 new ones.


I have friends on a One X with these same issues. I’m also experiencing them on a top end PC.


Totally agree it’s definetly needs attention

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I have left matches due to lag, I left a match because my ping kept jumping up and down. My character was even rubber banding when my ping was 60. I left matches today and yesterday which resulted in bans. The Coalition needs to work on their net coding, as it’s below that of other MS first party studios.


I’m getting stuck on walls and cover a lot more. 100% agree.

And I’m noticing a lot of players will have normal pings, but are skipping or stuttering around on my screen.

Gnasher feels ok, but enough people have said something feels off with it that I do believe there’s probably an issue,


There’s a huge Gnasher consistency issue, that’s the major pain point for me at the moment. I know it’s not the weapon logic itself, but the combination of lag with whatever magnetism is still being applied with the huge gib range is making so many of my one-on-one engagements just feel like a luck of the draw.

I’m capturing recordings of my kill cams where people shoot the air next to me (or even shoot directly at a wall I’m behind in some cases) and I die. Gonna put like 50 clips into a video and post it somewhere, 'cause it’s just getting ridiculous…


I have 2 xboxes, one a normal one and one X. I’m getting the same issues on both. I’m in Los Angeles so servers shouldnt be an issue

Havent we all been facing these issues for months if not since game release now? Not just since op 4. Its awfully inconsistent, the servers are absolute diar. And I’m the same as you with between 20-30 ping.
Some games I have god gib range with the gnasher others I may as well be shooting a water gun, with only 1 pellet of a shot registering from point blank.


@TSU_Silent sent me this and I figure it’s a fitting example of everything that’s wrong.

Edit: These forums block out the link, LOL. Unbelievable.


something about the gameplay feels so off at the moment. I feel like I’ve been nerfed. My movement is garbage, the gnasher is garbage, my frames are garbage. Idk what to do but it really makes me not want to play the game


Is anyone on PC? I cannot get the game to load. Crashes on start menu. My game worked just fine 1-2 months ago. I decided to come back for this update.

Didn’t notice lag issues but for me, I’ve always gotten kicked from ranked matches randomly since the damn game came out, and now they don’t let you rejoin and instantly give you a 1 hour ban! Idk of the devs check these forums but I made a post about it and it’s lame asf. I love this game when it works but it’s a shame they can’t fix what needs to be fixed instead of the ‘store’, craps a joke