This game is cryng for an update

after playing several days this new operation I can see several things, this game feels like a beta

gansher is the worst

there is more inconsistency in shooting than ever before
movement and speed feel weird

the GP system is disgusting, it is incredible that someone for a break and a cap and some assists have priority to level up over those who really do more, you can have an mvp with 20 kills - 20 assists 3 caps 3 break, while you can do 100 kills and have 4 breaks and 1 cap this system should be gone forever
Since gears 4 a we ask for a game with fast movement has been requested and instead we have to settle for the same and another update of the gnasher that instead of improving it makes it worse

in the end operation 3 was the best but this beta is by far the worst in gears of war history

the only thing good is the store


I agree it feels really slow, before the update I thought the game felt perfectly everything was smooth and all my shots registered but now they’ve touched it again and removed tdm it’s a joke I keep getting stuck on walls and I keep getting 95 or 98 hit markers and I get one shotted, hopefully they’ll fix it in an update and put the guns the same as they were before operation 4 and being back tdm,


Does no one consider this operation has issues due to the worldwide pandemic? Tc have been trying their best & a lot of devs have been working from home. It’s kinda hard to play test normally when they work on the game from home.

This update has a lot of bugs, but cut em some slack. I’ve been very critical of TC & I don’t think it’s right that almost a year since release and we’re just starting to get good content & better ways to unlock it, but like I said… there’s been a pandemic going on since the beginning of the year (it started in 2019 but it got serious for the world early 2020), so it’s kinda hard to work around that. Just be thankful we don’t have Rod F and Ryan C ruining the game and running it into the ground anymore.


The game is crying for skill. I think it might be hiding underneath one of the rainbow banners!

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So we should be glad they hired a bunch of new people to make it worse than it was at launch? Everyone is living through a pandemic, if OP4 wasn’t ready (and it very very clearly was not) they shouldn’t have released it.

OP4 is buggy, laggy, drops frames, has frequent server issues, a broken ranking system and fewer options today than at launch.

Bring back ranked TDM.

TDM needs to come back and so does Cliffy b


Yes, Cliffy B will come back and solve literally every problem and nothing will bad anymore and we will have twerking Marcus and Speedo Raam


And you’ll get your wife back everything will be Rose, he will make it sick again not like this Disney ■■■■

He’ll bring his classic characters into the game from such hits as

radical heights
nothing else

Don’t forget gears 1 ,2 and 3. If it wasn’t for him you would be playing fortnite

nope he only made 2 games

Which games?

It has fever options today than it did at launch? I can only assume you’re referring to ranked having a few less playlists. At least op 4 is moving in the right direction in terms of giving the community what they asked for… content… and it’s all unlockable via playing the game.

In case you missed it… they extended op 3 by a bit because of the pandemic, and they’ve been trying to do the best from home. Idk about you, but if I was trying to overhaul a AAA game from home, I’d expect bugs as well. It’s easy for you to say “they should’ve waited to release it” but if they held off any longer, ppl would lose their minds! This mentality today of “I gotta have it now” ruins the world we live in… TC have been crucified since sept 2019 (more if you count gears 4) and they know waiting would hurt more than it’d help. You’re not being reasonable saying that because we all know gears 5 is and has been in a dangerous place for almost a year. Pushing out new content then fixing bugs is what all devs do nowadays, so acting like TC are the first to do this is just silly. They already delayed op 4, I didn’t expect a bug free mess and I didn’t expect them to hold off releasing it either. Deep down, all gears fans knew this, so why you act like it’s a new, horrible concept is beyond me.

I’m not happy with a lot in gears 5 either, but for once, I’m seeing a different dev who isn’t just a money grubbing company, like it’s been when Rod F had his way with the franchise. And yes, Ryan C is the reason the lancer got too op and weapons got their tuning destroyed. It’s not easy to retune things in one go once he left, so there’s gonna be issues, but to act like it’s all new employees and no one knows what’s going on is just wrong… there’s still a lot of devs who stayed who know how to work on the game, it’s just the leadership who were ruining the franchise are gone. We now have ppl trying to fix the game who aren’t thinking of esports and $40 full weapon skin sets first. Things are actually becoming worth grinding for and affordable. If you don’t see that, maybe you never will.

I’m not a huge fan of 5 and it’ll take a lot more fixing to make me say “it’s an okay game”, but at least we’re finally seeing change that’s moving in the right direction. They even said it’d take so much work that we wouldn’t see a lot of it til op 5. They’re even being more transparent than ever before, but remove TDM from ranked and the game is done, right? Didn’t anyone ever consider something got screwed up and TDM had to be taken down OR that it’s down temporarily until ppl stop treating it like some campfest? Maybe there’s a reason they’re pushing objective modes. Maybe it’ll be back soon.

Regardless… TC are trying. Am I happy with gameplay? No. Do I see actual change happening? Yes. For once I’m not thinking TC are just screwing over the fan base to milk the franchise. You gotta be open to the idea that & realize this isn’t the only game suffering from ppl working on it from home. There was always gonna be issues from everything happening in 2020. At least TC are trying now.

Cliffy B worked on unreal tournament, gears 1, 2, 3, judgment and some fortnite. That’s more than 2 games (not even counting lawbreakers).


Damn right I am. I don’t care about character skins bloodsprays, or what the damn store looks like. The community asked them for content (MAPS), not to remove one of the most popular Ranked modes.

I completely disagree. I didn’t care at all about OP4 being delayed. I never used to know or care about when the “new OP” was coming out until they removed the (quite popular) ranked mode that I spent 90% of my time playing.

Gears 5 is in a very dangerous place you are correct. Removing a popular ranked mode with no warning or definite plans on its return is only going to make it worse. Same with the bugs. If you release all this “new amazing content” and it somehow manages to draw in Fortnite and CoD Warzone players they will just leave (again) after they experience a multitude of dropped frames, bugs, and broken servers. Inconsistencies, bugs and lag are one of the long standing complaints about Gears 5 since launch.

They strongly implied in the Dev stream that e-sports is one of the reasons they want to “re-tool” TDM and removed it from Ranked. I also didn’t buy any of their weapons skins. And look to these same forums for tons of complaints about how grindy OP4 is.

I thought they were being transparent? If they are being transparent why do we have to speculate and guess about their reasons? They have repeatedly stated TDM was one of the most popular modes, if the community is playing it why take it down even to “fix” it? No one is clamoring for them to “fix” TDM other than a bunch of haters that don’t play the mode but are happy for some reason that our experience has been ruined.

Why are you so optimistic for OP5 again?

If you went back and read a lot of my posts since sept, you’d understand that I’m not a fan of how TC handled the gears franchise. You are taking what I’m saying out of context and assuming I’m either shilling for TC or intentionally ignoring all the problems.

Why am I so optimistic? For one, Rod F and Ryan C aren’t in control anymore, having horrible tuning, insane prices (and $40 a skin set wasn’t just esports stuff … it was regular full sets after you’d add all of em up) and bad ideas for drip feeding us content. Since you need reminding like most ppl… gears 5 won’t have DLC or map packs like past gears games. If you compared gears 2 production costs to gears 5, gears 5 is the most expensive gears game to date. We paid for maps in gears 2, but we’re starting (FINALLY) to get maps in 5. Every map we get we will never pay for. When a game is so detailed like gears 5, textures can’t look like butt like they could in gears 2. The main idea is that all additional content (in whatever form we get it) won’t cost us. All the iron I ever had was stuff I acquired from all the operations and from getting the ultimate version from the game pass, so I refuse to buy iron. I only unlock stuff thru the free means, so, if there’s ppl like me, they never pay for extra content. An expensive game like 5 allowing us to get content this way opposed to past dlc packs makes them operate at a loss. You have to see that some things are necessary if they have this free model… and now that they’ve finally gotten rid of the leadership who thought $40 weapon skin sets and past loot boxes were a good thing, and now we have this new system… of course I’m more optimistic. Any true fan of gears would be! I’ve been waiting for a return to the gears 3 era of gears, but right now this model is the best we’ve gotten since 3. I’m not a pessimistic person by nature, but I’m def someone who questions things… I’ve been questioning the decisions made in 4 & 5 for so long that ppl have accused me of blindly hating on gears just for the sake of it. Now, for the first time, I can see a change, so… THAT is why I’m becoming more optimistic for op 5 and beyond!

If you’re the person who’d wait for a game to be better and delayed, that’s fine, but the majority of gamers today are not. You can disagree, but the truth and fact of the matter is that yes, TC would be crucified by today’s standards (they have been repeatedly, have you not been paying attention since TC have been in control?) for delaying op 4 AGAIN, and I know they didn’t want that. Besides, remember the whole thing about the devs working from home?? Yea. Kinda hard to play test in a proper setting when you don’t have access to your work facility. You need to realize this and for the sake of the 2020 pandemic, cut em some slack. These aren’t normal times, so acting like they are is just being selfish and blind.

Last thing I’ll address… esports. When I say the game is esports focused, I’m referring to the game model. 4 was designed to sap all our money on loot boxes. The worst casino style content a game could have, and gears had to deal with that. We were told most of the proceeds from packs were setup to pay for esport events (not entirely true since sponsors are the ones responsible). In 5, they used the esport idea for “why prices were so high on content.” Yes they’ve set up the game to focus on tournaments, but when they changed TDM, it was to address the tuning to have more in line with Esports play. There’s a difference. This game isn’t setup to look like it funds all esports events now. Having esport tuning and having an esport game model are 2 separate things. I was referring to the game itself being an esport model, which like I said, is not the case anymore.

Look, you can ignore facts and how the majority view the game. Just because you view an aspect of it one way doesn’t make it so. Again, I’m not thrilled with the state of the game (basically 2 months shy from it being out a year already), but I can see actual change happening. I can hear TC say something and I don’t automatically think they’re lying anymore. We needed a shift in leadership and a major change before the game would get better, and it’s finally starting. Do I want it perfect yesterday? Of course! Am I reasonable and do I understand these core game features will take a lot of time to fix now that the game is heading in a different direction? Yes. Will I ever be truly happy with 5? Prob not, but it’s finally moving towards a better place.

I can see both sides of this argument, so I understand the shift in the model will take a long time (longer with the pandemic). I don’t blindly disagree with decisions now, based on the changes we’re seeing, and you shouldn’t either. Being unhappy over what happened to 5 nearly pushed me away from the franchise forever, but like I said, once Rod and Ryan left, I knew their bad ideas wouldn’t be lingering with the TC devs who openly disagreed with the way they used to do things there. Besides all that… there’s a bunch of great new games coming out over the next few months. Instead of being mad at a game forever, I can easily have fun with the other games and think that one day when I return, 5 might be in a place it finally deserves to be in. Will it? Only time will tell, but just sitting there, stewing over it for almost a year won’t do anything, especially since the shift in ideas has started. I can see change starting, why can’t you?

(FYI: TDM will return to ranked. TC already know full well it was a bad move taking it out, but it won’t come back til they make the necessary changes, but thinking the game is done over one ranked mode is silly. It seems TDM is your main source for this argument, and considering all the other problems, it’ll get ironed out, just like all the bugs and everything else at some point. A gears fan never truly quits gears, we just wait til it’s fun and good again. Some day, it’ll be good again. It’s possible it might not happen til 6, which would really suck, but we gotta be hopeful cause if too many of us give up on gears, it might go away for good. I don’t want that, I don’t think you do either. We’ve given TC 8 months now to get 5 in a better place. What’s 2-3 more?)

I am not going to read your post history.

The most recent game in any franchise is going to be the most expensive, if not something has gone terribly wrong. Inflation is a real thing and to compare 2008 dollars to 2020 is disingenuous at best. That is also ignoring the fact that in '08 people still used physical media and the manufacturing and shipping costs were included, but today they spend virtually nothing on either of those anymore.

I see that you have some irrational hatred for Rod and Ryan, but just because they are gone does not mean the franchise is heading in the right direction, or even a good one.

All your complaints are about spending money on loot boxes and nonsense like that. All that is OPTIONAL. If you want to do it, do it and if not don’t. I certainly don’t. My gripe is that TC REMOVED a popular mode of the game leaving us with fewer options than we had 10 months ago. You can try and justify it however you want, but it is unjustifiable.

What positive changes are you really seeing? They gave us a few new characters and maps. Wow. The game had so few maps and characters at launch it was honestly astounding. We are supposed to give them credit for starting to address the problem almost a year after launch?

They re-designed the store? Wow. Literally never opened it once. Why was it apparently in such piss-poor shape at launch? Why did it take them almost a year to fix it?

At the end of the day the only things that actually matter are related to the gameplay- modes available, weapons balancing and match making. They have failed on all three fronts with OP4. They added back in the bullet magnetism (which was the only actually good change they made in OP3), absolutely borked the servers and game performance, and killed the experience for anyone that likes playing TDM (which TC described as one of the most popular ranked modes).

I want Gears to be good, I spend (or spent to be more accurate) way too much time on it. But TC doesn’t actually care what the players want. Why was TDM actually removed? Because TC thought it wasn’t “competitive enough,” not because the people who actually played it had a problem with it. You say they will bring it back and that they know it was a bad idea to remove it. But they certainly haven’t said this. They only talk about bringing it back w/ qualifiers and seem to think it is funny that it was removed in the first place.

I’m certainly not going to wait for OP5 to see if they have deigned to bring it back or not. I could forgive many things, but not the removal of the mode I spend 90% of my time with. Quickplay is such garbage that it literally seems designed to try and force TDM players to ranked. There are many games coming out in the next few months, and honestly this version of Gears 5 deserves to die.

PS- Been playing Gears since 2006.

I skipped those last few posts above :slightly_smiling_face:

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Plus it was used by MS to cover the losses from purchasing the IP to begin with. Buying Gears of War from Epic wasn’t a $5 box deal from Taco Bell. They spent Millions most likely in the tens of millions . MS had to recoup their losses somehow. So add that to the content prices. then they have to pay their employees on top of it? People just take stuff for granted.

Don’t take it personally. Everyone who says that is getting this as a response.

So did a lot of others. Doesn’t matter.