This game is broken x100

Man I give up, I’ve been playing since E-day and this game has been on a steady decline. By the end of gow4 run I felt finally they figured it out. Gears 5 released and it seemed clean. Its almost impossible to play now.

The game is trash and I have to say I’m done. I don’t like learning new tuning every couple months. I don’t want to get one spotted when I’m behind someone. Its just lacking any type of consistency. I hate to say it, but TC will no longer get my money.

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Wow… if you thought that when it released, I question my own reality.

Gears 5 was a total s**t show at launch and no one could even play the campaign without being kicked. The servers were so bad that Tc rewarded everyone who played at launch with some scrap (now a dead currency) to make up for the dumpster fire that it was. Then all the bugs and insane prices, horrible PvP tuning and glitches drove away a ton of ppl after a while. It took almost a month of hotfixes and updates just to get the game stable for everyone, and the problems didn’t stop there. Months went by with the game in a horrible place.

Yes, in recent updates, weapons keep getting broken and balancing ruins things, but it’s gotten better overall. It’s taken a year, literally. But I have to say… if you thought gears 5 released and it “seemed clean”… I think you and I were playing 2 different games.

You don’t understand what broken means