This game is as bad as judgment if not worse

Despite being out for years? LMFAO. Judgement came out like a year and a half after 3. And stop defending awful launches. It’s people like you that make devs think it’s okay to release a game in its current state especially AFTER 2 tech tests to find and fix bugs and the bugs from those tests are still present in the game.


Yea ppl have short memories they don’t remember how bad judgement actually was. This game has flaws. But it’s not a judgement comparable game.


Yeah the time from Gears 3 to Gears 4 was multiple years. No one touched or went back to Judgement. That time frame was years. Even when Xbox one came out.G3 was still being played while judgement gets no love.

But shall I go on with more BS instances from Judgement. Like perm reticle and shots not firing from the gun. Or introducing color splash skins. Or goofy jump off 50 foot cliff animations. Or the Goofy cog vs cog red v blue format. But hey. You want locust. Will just give cog character a locust like skin.

Judgement was Trash. Dumpster fire. And comparing G4 or G5 to it is more of an insult to the person intelligence making the statement than the actual game.


I’m in no way saying Judgement didn’t have its flaws and it WAS a terrible game. But it was built to be like an arcade shooter. Literally. It had its stupid fun moments. But judgement was more a spin-off. This is a mainline gears riddled with bugs and server issues despite having years to work on it along with 2 tech tests to prep it for release, which all of did jack squat. I’m fine with some bugs here and there. But not ones that infringe on the experience and lower it as a whole. :+1:t2:

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But, but, but… I’ve watched all Salt Bae YouTube clips …

I thought I was ready for salty jokes.


So…yeah this game is a thing I guess. Where to start?

It’s just well sloppy. It feels like a rushed product that wasnt rushed because it took 3 years to create?

I’m not going to comment on the campaign. I havent touched that yet. I will but typically the campaigns are decent.
I wont be talking about horde because I’m not playing that.
Nor will I talk about escape. I’m not playing that. I have no interest in playing it and the daily bounties for it are a waste to me.

Right now I’m working 12 hour days and can play 2 games a day so daily bounties on game modes I’m not going to play? Awesome!

Let’s get to mp,its issues and the games issues.

  1. bugs. Why am I still seeing guns under the map? This should have been addressed after the tech test. This should have been addressed back around e3.
    Went to pick up frags because the counter had finally reached 0 and they glitched out and the counter started again.
    Once again simple things that should have been caught.
    Lag…its bad. Like host advantage bad. I pop someone for 99% and they turn around and one shot me. Makes sense.
    In fact it’s so bad I’ll slide past someone and they kill me from their butts. Yet on the replay I’m not past them and in fact in front of the gun.
  2. weapons.
    Gnasher: its gears four all over again and took you 3 years to fix. There is a pop delay sometimes in the game. I go to fire a bullet and there is a half second of wait for it to come out. Always fun when that happens because then I’m dead.
    The gun isnt consistent at all, but when has it ever been in gears?
    Lancer: g4 lancer was fine. You didnt have to change anything. Not the sound, not the feel, not the kick. Nothing.
    Hammerburst: oh wait that’s not in ranked because why not… but hey retro and enforcer is. Makes sense .
    Flash bang: it’s annoying. Neat concept…but should be a pick up.
    Sniper: see lancer
  3. look and feel.
    You changed the run…why? There is was no need.
    In fact the whole game feels like a step back graphics wise in mp. It looks cheap, rushed and made out of plastic. Some sort of mix of cell shading and duct tape. You had more detail in 4.
    As for the feel…its judgement 2.0 in a sense. You went for something new and you didnt need to. Like at all.
    Look we tried jumping down and changing the run in judgement. We didnt like it, but I guess trying again makes it ok.

Cosmetics…it was great in gears 3 and 4. In 3 I paid 2.99 or so for a hammy skin. Now its 7 for a flag? Good luck.
Gears 4 had loads of skins. I being set in my ways really only needed the Vegas skins and i was set. I wont be buying anything off you for gears 5 in it’s current state.

Look I know it’s fun to copy things that are making money. See fortnite, but you didnt need to do that. You had a player base. You had a simple task. You could have taken gow4 in it’s current state. Slap a 5 on it. Add to the story. Tweak some things in mp and just enjoy things. That didnt happen. All honesty the game plays like gow4 started when it launched, just you know worse.

Let me just close with this. I defended judgement. I played it when there was only 330 people left on the server and everyone else went to gow3. Yet even eventually I had to give up it.

I’ve played 4 days or so of this game and I’m most likely gonna go back to 4 for now or reinstall destiny 2. I never abandon gears games and yet I feel myself doing that with this one.

And I really dont think you are gonna be able to fix this one. You cant fix the run. You cant fix the graphics. Let’s not even get started on the omen. Ok let’s. It’s bad. It fills the screen and when you are hit from the side you are being shot at you cant see what’s going on. Why? Because that part of the screen goes full on red. Which really helps with lancers.

13 years with this game and this is the first time i feel insulted as a gamer. I’m loyal…I dont play many games period. I always comeback to gears…maybe i will when you’ve fixed the simple issues you should have 2 years ago

That’s how.


Let’s not forget the HARDCORE pandering to the casuals and pansies that couldn’t adapt to the gnasher. This game has just become a camping, hide&seek f*ckfest of boringness.


Too be fair and I try to be fair with these things because i hoped I’m listened to.

Weve had this since at least g3.

G3…hammer was a laser and I was constantly accused of having a mod.
G4 lancer fest and op because if you knew how to use it you could help people and down people fast.
G5 lancer fest because see g4 honestly.

I just dont see the game being that easy. With the lag issues that kinda kills any easy advantage one could have.

I just really dont understand why they felt this was a smart move?
Like let’s look at destiny for a minute. They have daily and weekly bounties. Each planet gives you the option to do bounties and collect glimmer to buy things. On g5 what they have is something I dont have the time to do…and I wont.
Hell let’s look at g4 and theriot system. Was it perfect? Nope.
Here is what they should have done.

You give an option to buy the skin now at a set price or you work towards it. ( minus black steel, I get that.)
But like I wanted the black steel hammer burst and would have bought that if I could have…but i couldnt so i didnt.

You dont need to pver charge for things because you are hoping for some whales to show their faces and make you money. I’m tired of gaming companies relying on moby ■■■■■ for money…

In ALL honesty not much needed to be changed from gears4 aside from some matchmaking things and the whole loot box system. Gears 5 imho is still no better than 4 with that aspect, you just now know what you’re paying $20 for. BUT how hard is it to go back to the actual basic grind and earn system that 3 had? The lack of there being any cosmetics available for crafting aside from ■■■■■■■ markers is kind of appalling.


Yeah…like we dont get anything for doing the campaign?
That’s smart.
Or like how about a special weapon skin when you re up?

It’s like TC saw how a few other companies gave out bare bone games and said to themselves…

That’s really smart…then people will be mad at us and that makes us feel warm inside.


RIGHT. ALL the skins from ToD are just stripped right from the campaign, but instead of giving them to us for playing the campaign like a regular game but instead make us grind dozens upon dozens of hours for them in all the multiplayer mods. Like okay.


All that passion and energy put I to g4 just to be totally lazy in g5.

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Im glad im not the only one feeling this. The game actually stress me out more than im having fun, and I want gears to be enjoyable because its my favorite series of all time. I got all my friends to download it on the gamepass aswell to try and make them see what I see in gears, but they came in to a buggy mess with all these issues on top. After that day, They ask me to play sea of thieves or fifa. Not gears… I hope they listen to us and do something.

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Ehh, might main Escape now.

VS is rubbish. The Lancer is too strong. Way too strong. I didn’t experience it in the Tech Test, but in full launch? Wow. People who cant use a Gnasher are winning matches easily. Talk about mastering the Gnasher, you don’t need to. Just use the Lancer and don’t even use the Gnasher.

Horde is not as good as 4, with Character selection, although I do like the bigger focus on people rather than fortifications doing the job for you.

Escape is really fun. I’ve not liked a new mode that much since Overrun in Judgment, and had so much fun in it. the Campaign is really fun as well.

And to think, back in the launch of Gears 4 I was pretty much a VS exclusive player. Now I can barely stand it.


Same only played a handful of multiplayer matches. It’s not fun to me. Everything is too powerful. Played thousands of matches in koth for release week for other iterations…not this game. Escape is awesome tho, a surprisingly good addition to gears. We just need more hives and some more variation with tile sets.


Yep, agree with you there.

Hopefully the new hives coming out weekly and the community doing some good things with the Map Builder will help this mode. We know it’s good, now it needs the support.

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I’m looking forward to it. I love the crazy stuff that happens, and the co-op moments. The difficulties and variations between each are rlly great. Thought I wasn’t even gonna touch this game mode.


Would you play if they added swim suit sam ? <,<

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I am literally dying at all the bed wetters. Put to game down if you don’t want to play it. I quiet enjoy the game as a whole! The movement is great, gun feel responsive, graphics are excellent, and I have never fell below 40 ping so no lag. Of course a couple things need tweaks but no need to wet the bed


When the other casual games start coming out and the gears heads are the only ones left playing they’ll patch the game to make it more skill based ad then ppl will complain that “ppl eat shots”

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