This game is as bad as judgment if not worse

Agreed, I almost immediately dropped gears 5 for past instalments . The only other gears game that made me do that was judgement.
Even horde seems to be more like judgments survival with the restrictions on characters and weapons.


Truthfully I’m tired of people bashing Judgement as the go-to for bad Gears. Judgement was fun despite it’s flaws and I had a genuinely good experience with it. I’m probably one of the few in that regard but I just get sick of the hate on it. Yes, there were frustrating parts to it but overall it was a fun game. Stop the hate.


Fun game? Yes. What I personally look for or want in a gears game ? No


That’s fair, but the fact is that it doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets in my opinion. Was it risky? Yes. Did it have some questionable takes? Yes. I found the overrun mode fresh and fun. The campaign was interesting and neat. The multiplayer was a drastic change and one I got used to after a while. Am I saying it was an amazing game? No. I get it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but to say it was the go-to for bad Gears just gets on my nerves at times.
It also could be that I’m a bit biased seeing as how Judgement was my first midnight stand, but I digress. I just don’t belileve it deserves the huge amount of hate it gets.


The people who keep comparing G4 and G5 to judgement clearly didn’t play Judgement


well some of those levels are also because of escape and horde, which I enjoy way more than versus tbh.

It’s the same mistake as Gow J.

The game will not survive like this. December better bring a ridiculous amount of content.

Is this not most similar to Gow J?

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Sadly, I can actually think of things I liked about Judgment. Which is already a lot more than what I can say about this game.

Spoiler alert. It won’t bring a lot of content.


No, don’t spoil it for me lmfao.

I saw that it will bring over 200 customization items, new maps, characters, and abilities.

Okay, but how much of that will be quality? This game will not survive the wave of games coming out.

For a content system like this, the game has to bring out lots of content and very quickly. If you don’t believe me, look at how Black Ops 4 tried it and still failed.


I’m Castor Troy Whooooooo! Those metal shoes!


i would rather play gears 4 than this


and judgement


200 customizations. Woot woot! Yeah I love me some Call of Du… Wait, this is the Gears forums?

Thumbs up for Castor Troy.


being put in 200 ping lobbies now. great!


This game is just TCs version of Judgement only worse. Honestly I’d rather play that if only 15 people weren’t the only ones playing it. And ranked? Ranked is a joke. It literally constantly pairs plat/diamond players up against scrub Christmas noobs. Can’t tell you how annoying it is having 2-3 teammates all score under 600 points because they keep getting gnasher rushed with 2 people lancer spraying cover. It’s literally trash.


Your salt jokes need work.


Gears player/vet since ‘06. I wish what we loved was still here guys I really do.sadly people have other visions for the game and don’t have any clue what they’re doing. (Sales will show them we mean business ) I’ve never raged really in gears, but this game here has made me turn my Xbox off and shutdown my gaming pc a few times :joy: no wonder they give a 30 minute penalty lol we neeed that break from this bs…


Gears 5. People complaining about getting crossed down by lancers in support fire with maps designed to have crossing and support fire angles.

Judgement literally getting rid of DBNO

Gears 5 people complaining about servers. And connections at launch( happens for literally every game now and it wasnt even that bad)

Judgement literally got rid of the Weapon wheel and had Y to swap weapons.

Gears 5. Horde made done dumb changes like character locking roles(not the worst thing but very unneccessary)

Judgement no horde and some gimmicky new modes people forgot about and the studio abandoned

Gears 5 gnasher only have 6 shots

Judgement insta sticky nade throw by pressing RB.

There is no way you people suffered Judgement and can say Gears 5 is worse. Im calling all of you out. How is G5 worse than judgement. Judgement literally almost killed the franchise and sent everyone back pedaling to 3 despite being out for years


Maybe just a pinch.

Here and there.