This game is as bad as judgment if not worse

Took me to get to level 65 before making this post, but this game is horrible. The gnasher is too strong, the lancer is too strong, the hit detection is way off and you get kills when not even hitting a person. Rewards are bad, only 7 maps at launch. Re-ups dont show on your card. Flashbangs can f off. There is so many things, and ive not seen them say anywhere that they are gonna adress these things, and all those things are besides all the server issues at launch. What the * am I even playing. It feels like they tried to be fortnite and call of duty at the same time with this game.


Judgment is a masterpiece in comparison to this game.


The weapons sound weak… i am not getting that “umph!” feeling when i point blank 1 shot with a gnasher. Rifling someone down doesn’t seem intentional either. Killing doesn’t feel good in this game. Big problem…


That’s a Coalition thing, I’ve noticed this since Gears 4 the kills haven’t ‘felt’ right.


I really hope they do something. this just isnt right

This is what they wanted. TC isn’t new to Gears anymore, no one can trot out that tired excuse of they are still learning. They’ve had years of experience ‘fine tuning’ 2 Gears game, pretending to listen feedback and suggestions and they come up with increasing hit box range so you can gun someone down without actually hitting them.


and this hit detection.


Ive given it an honest bit of investment and Ive got to agree. As a fan of all 6 games and a die hard MP player since 2, this is easily my least favorite entry.

I cant say I really like any one thing changed or introduced into this game. Nothing is better, many things are worse.

I might actually not continue playing not out of choice, but because at this very moment, I dont really have that itch to play. The game just feels bad in my hands, like it doesnt react at all the same like it did. Its just not fun.


yeah its not fun, and they thought doing all these changes would be fun. Its not


Same, i try to do some of the things i did in 4 in terms of movement but i just cant pull them off.

The characters feel… Heavy. Like they turned the gravity up and slowed everything down. Now it just feels clunky and you’re constantly fighting the character just to do basic tasks.

Say what you will about 4 being too “floaty” but id take that in a heart beat over this ■■■■.


I agree with OP which is so hard to type let alone feel. I’m as passionate about Gears as anyone but this just doesn’t feel,play or act like Gears.

I uninstalled yesterday, I possibly will reinstall a few weeks down the line but as of now I feel TC are going backwards.

The only saving grace is there is still a population on Gears 3 and 4 (unsurprising with 4) so I can play those and kind of forget about 5.



I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in 4.

I’m a little slower in 5. I’m telling myself it’s a matter of getting used to the bounce restriction and cancelling better but I do feel like I’m spinning in mayonnaise sometimes trying to hit cover and swing the other direction for a pop shot.


The hit Detection is way off. People aren’t even Aiming at you and they’re one shooting you . Movements just don’t feel right. It’s quite sad really. I thought they finally put out something worth a ■■■■. Just makes me want to play two or three all over again but now those are also laggy as hell and nobody plays them because there are no servers . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::ok_hand:


Not sure what modes you are after on Gears 3 but still lots of players. Ranked is pretty dead though.

I play daily (uk) and in the afternoon to early morning there are nearly always full lobbies on KOTH and TDM.

Just played now, which is 4am in UK. Played on Aftermath, what a map! :slight_smile:

One area you are spot on is the lag, it can be unplayable I would say 1 in every 3 games, so you do need patience. The player base on Hill is usually around 200,I would say over 80% play from Mexico, that can be very frustrating, but I just back out and search until I find a stable game.


I guess I’ll have to give it a try again to play gears three. It’s been a few months. The last time I tried to play it though it was literally on playable

In my entire life I have never played a game this broken.


That is not ‘hit detection’. That is the server showing exactly what it sees without accounting for the killer’s lag. On his screen, he shot the head. Before complaining about things you seemingly know nothing about, please read up or try to understand how things work.


Soo… ur level 65 but you feeling all of this?

My main gripe is going to escape on elite, getting bumped off my main for a lvl1, and another level 1 in the game…

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That definitely is annoying but that’s why you should level up all your characters so if someone does get your main, you at least have a decent leveled character to play as.