This game is Amazing! Thanks TC!

The best part about this thread is all the people getting so butt hurt about being called a crybaby lol


We are a sensitive folk :slight_smile:
We take this game seriously and get offended at the slightest insult :laughing:


Logic isn’t being butthurt but okay

If some of us didn’t speak up where would this game be.

But yeah, call it being “butt hurt” lol…

People & their lame terms.


I’ve have given praise when TC have done good and fair criticism when things were poor. But to call the hardcore fanbase crybabies for having opinions on something their passionate about says more about that person than the community. To join 13/14 months after the games release and rather poor reception initially with the “fans” and almost imply that we’re the problem…can’t help but think “great…another condescending ,arrogant w****er with an opinion regarding a subject of wich they know little”…I’ll speak to community again after my next ban… All the best folks…

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I am glad you are enjoying the game but attacking other users that have been dealing with legitimate issues with the game isn’t appropriate.