This game is Amazing! Thanks TC!

I just want to put up a thread to just say how amazing I think this game is. There is so much negativity on these forums. I expected to come onto these forums seeing nothing but praise for this game but I see nothing but cry-babies. I bought the game for $10 when it was on sale. I’m already blown away at how much I got for my money. I mean I go into custom Escape, and Horde, and my jaw drops at how many maps and Escape’s there are…tack on the different difficulty modifiers and my head almost explodes. It’s just banana’s!

This game is packed with content, With new content coming out weekly that’s completely free! Operation 5 just made the PVE for the game, which is what I play mostly, so much better it’s amazing. I honestly cannot play this game enough and want to just shout out to the dev’s for all their hard work!

Don’t listen to all these cry-babies TC. You guys are doing phenomenally. The fact that you aren’t trying to sell a new gears every year for $60 and support your games for years will keep me playing what you got to offer.

Thanks again TC!


Yeah I came back from a long break after OP1 due to the woeful multiplayer experience & predatory store. They’ve pretty much fixed both of my main issues now & I’m back to loving me some gears.

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You can battle negativity even better with examples of positivity. I’m sure that your negativity sensors were flashing red everytime you called the community crybabies. You’ve got this! I believe in you. Show everyone that you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. That would be the most sincere expression of gratitude to tc of all

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It’s understandable. This game has many problems… some of which are still present since day 1. People who paid $80 for the ultimate edition on day 1 couldn’t even play the game due to the servers crashing/not working properly, and they paid to play the game a few days early, which they couldn’t even do that for almost a week.

That’s great for you, but for the rest of us who paid full price for a broken, barren game who’ve been playing since day one and dealing with so many bugs, lack of content and straight up missing features that are just now being added into the game 15 months after the game released have every right to be mad.

Again, when you pay $10 (that should tell you something about the value of the game) for a game 15 months after release, most ppl would say the same thing.

No, it’s really not. When it released, we had to wait weeks to get new escape maps (which aren’t considered “true” maps) over time. The PvP/horde maps were a joke. At launch, There were more maps from gears 4 in gears 5 than actual new gears 5 maps. There was like 5 new maps and 6 old maps and we didn’t get much of anything for a while, so we were playing stuff we were bored of from the last game. It’s taken 15 months to get to this point of variety, and it’s been a long, expensive road to this point. Speaking of…

The “weekly content” is stuff that the rest of us that have been here since the beginning have already purchased because it’s been in the store multiple times already. The winter JD and sniper skins? Yea, we had them since last year. Yes we got 4 new characters, but that’s because operation 5 just launched 2-3 weeks ago and those characters are still fresh and we’re part of the new operation. The weekly drip feed of character skins keep turning out to be old skins that we all have, so for someone new, it’s great, but for the rest of us, we’re still waiting on a big batch of actual new content.

Also, not free. If TC decide to resell some stuff for multiple weeks in a row (which they have quite a few times already), we have to wait until they add the option to buy them with gears coins. If they want to keep selling a character for iron, they can, have and will do just that. They kept holding off on Ronin Karn for 2-3 weeks, only selling him for 1500 iron, which equals $15 bucks, so if they dont sell enough skins for iron, they can and will put a hold on selling them for gears coins until they see fit to do so.

On a side note… the store prices, before they introduced gears coins, used to be insanely high. There was a time when they used to sell a handful of the weapon skins out of the full set (5 starting weapons for example) instead of all 18 weapons. If you were to buy each package to complete just one full weapon set, lots of them came out to $35 dollars. After a few operations they lowered prices and now 15 months after the game released they finally made buying things with iron or gears coins affordable, but for the longest time $35 just for a full weapon set was insane! Normal character skins being $10 each with no way to buy them other than iron was also the only way to go. You may love the content and the pricing now, but you obviously didn’t see how bad it was… and the fact that the majority of the content being sold is still old content shows how bad things still are. It’s wonderful looking to someone like you who spent $10 on a full game and you barely have to pay anything (if anything at all) to get new character & weapon skins, but if you suffered thru the insane pricing from day one just to still see old content being rotated into the slow store like most of us, well… I highly doubt you’d be praising this “content” like you are now.

Again, ppl who have been tolerating the insane prices, bug ridden game, broken weapon tuning, constant server disconnects, full blown game freezing that kicks you to dashboard, ranked disconnects and ruined ranks, sub par balancing, lack of custom game modes that should’ve been in since launch that have yet to return since gears 4, reuse of old content/maps from past games with minimal effort put towards new stuff (and they just announced they were ending support for new escape maps so they could finally focus on new PvP/horde maps)… that’s just a handful of the problem areas that most of us have been putting up with since the beginning. Even longer for the vets who supported the franchise after TC took over and released gears 4 in 2016 and gave us a bunch of headaches since back then as well.

I don’t think you understand anything when it comes to why ppl are complaining, and you just casually calling them cry baby’s shows your lack of knowledge, and more importantly, your long term commitment to the franchise like the rest of us. The fact that you said “they aren’t trying to sell a new game every year for $60” shows how long you have been invested in the franchise (you’re new) and shows you play COD, being used to their yearly release schedule. Gears has never been a yearly release franchise, and they’ve been here since 2006. Comparing gears to COD won’t win you any points with ppl here, so be careful on that one.

Clearly you don’t understand what most of us have been through with TC and gears 5, otherwise you wouldn’t trash the ppl trying to get a better game out of the devs… cause this community deserves better and it seems like just at the start of operation 5 we’re finally starting to get a better game, but you wouldn’t know anything about that it seems since you just got here.

Lastly, Insulting ppl here without having lived through all the headaches isn’t very smart. Try to see things from another person’s perspective next time before blindly praising a dumpster fire of a game that’s just getting better.


“crybabies”…the Gears community fought hard to get the game in the state that it is currently. Maybe you should take that into account as you seem so pleased with your “recent purchase”, before you judge and generalise the attitude of forum users.
On a different note it’s good to hear new people enjoying the game…


Better a cry baby rather than a lick boot like you.


& you can thank all the “cry babies” for complaining our butts off to have the game you have now.

Seriously though, there’s still a lot to complain about, that needs to be addressed.

As a customer whose paid 12x your price you bet I’m going to complain if some things are broken.

Still does not excuse the fact people get booted from matches mid match or can’t play story mode without some terrible insane lag, still a lot of improvements us fans can address. Let’s be real.

Now you’re a fan for $10 lol. Cool.



This guys being ignorant to what we pushed for just so he could have a good experience.

A shame he didn’t think twice before insulting the fan base.

Most new comers are like that.


I’ve been playing Gears since 2006, Gears 5 was the first time used the the forums because I felt a need to voice my opinion. The state of the game upon release was unacceptable, and as a veteran gearhead myself I found many others felt much the same way at that moment in time. Much like starwars battlefront 2, their community kicked up like f**k and eventually the developers listened…does that sound familiar I ask?..


It really was.

Everything was behind a pay wall. No characters. No maps. Campaign was a lost palooza.

Original poster doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

For $10 yeah, everything now is good for $10.

Even still has a lot of bugs that won’t be addressed if no one speaks up & smiles at TC like everything’s okay.


Now you’re a fan!? Where were you past OP’s?

Where you there thick & thin?

No ones saying the game isn’t “awesome”

Easy to be a fan now , hu. Easy.

You can thank all us “cry babies” for voicing ourselves to better the game.

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Ultimately as fans we pay The Coalition their wages,and we also continue to support the franchise that we love. So as a consumer “yes, we are entitled to our opinion” and complaints when the product given/reciecved is sub-standard is always going to get backlash…

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Exactly. I dumped more than $10 into the game.

Not like there’s any testers other than us forum members to test their new updates.

We’re doing TC a free service.

No charge all passion for the game.

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this game was released 1 year too early. I have a big feeling it was just based on the state it was released in.

It’s great now for sure, but yeah, it was a bit of a mess on launch until operation 3, so about 6+ months later.

I knew what to expect when i came here


The truth…

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In terms of Multiplayer let’s put this into perspective, EPIC Games gave us the likes of Savage Kantus LE and Commando Dom LE. Pointless Characters basically.

TC gave us Characters that have never been play able before like Palace Guard, Armoured Kantus and Bolter. They also brought back the highly demanded Skorge and Cyclops. Not to mention recreating RAAM in UE making him more badass than ever.

Gears of War is in safe hands with TC.

Yes the truth, someone makes a thread praising TC and tries to throw a bit of a dig at “cry babies”

Then people come in and justify their valid complaints and rightfully tone down the praise TC is given, not completely depleting it, just bringing it down to the more honest level.

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You’d be pissed if you spent $60/$80 on this ■■■■ show at launch.

The game you JUST bought for ten dollars and think is amazing, has a lot to do with the “cry-babies” you’re insulting now.

We bought this game on launch day for full price and endured $50 weapon skin sets, every mode being an unbalanced broken mess, servers not working. ToD and totem system that were as grindy as you could imagine, an awful ranking system that wasnt fixed till July, 7 maps with virtually no characters to choose from, etc etc etc etc.

If it wasnt for the backlash of the community who played this game on day one, your experience would be far, far different than what it is now.