This game has really annoyed me so i need to write this

Just want to say if this thread comes across as a rant, I don’t mean it to be but it’s really difficult for it not too.

I haven’t played a lot of Gears 5 across Operation 3 and 4 because ultimately i haven’t been enjoying it that much.
I haven’t played TDM, Gridiron or 2v2 Gnashers at all this Operation. I played a little KOTH and got Masters in FFA.

Beyond that i’ve had no will to play Gears 5 but today the last person i know who wants anything to do with Gears 5 asked to play a game or two of KOTH. So i hopped on as he only plays once in a while and this is what happened.

Played the first game, massively unbalanced, the other team were all ranked Onyx but played like Bronzes because it’s far too easy for bad players to get to at least Onyx 1. So it was a very boring stomp of the other team.

Searched for a second game, we get Asylum. The game loads in but 2 of my teammates don’t appear.
The game then proceeds to start despite it being a 3v5.

This has already annoyed me a little bit, the game should not start and we should be returned to the main menu.

So the game starts 3v5 and then one of the other team says “No capturen” so they can try and farm us for GP.

So i’m stuck in a game that should’ve never had started to begin with being farmed for GP…
My third teammate quits and i don’t blame him making the match a 2v5.
My friend obviously doesn’t want to stick around as he only has so much time to play so we quit.

(I just want to say i’ve only ever quit one ranked match which was last November because of how poor the state of the game was with the Flashbangs in KOTH. So this will be my second time ever quitting a ranked match)

So we go back to the main menu and try to search again and we’ve both been suspended…
Now it doesn’t say how long for… just that you’ve been naughty and you can’t play our game…

Forgive me TC for not wanting to play your broken game that starts unfairly and not be farmed for GP because your “improved” ranking system promotes people to be the biggest scumbags that they can possible be so they can flaunt their fake ranks that are supposed to show peoples true skill and create even and competitive matches.

Here’s a video so people can see i’m not lying about the game starting 3v5 and so TC can fix their broken game.

I’m going to be brutally honest here and say Gears 5 was dead on arrival and has been on a life support machine ever since launch. I don’t think TC really understand how fundamentally broken and off-putting their game is.

I’d be shocked if Gears 5 had retained an equal or a higher player base than Gears of War 4 had after it’s first year.

I knew seven people who i played Gears with regularly since UE. Three of which i met back in 2008 on the first Gears and only one wants anything to do with Gears now, and after this i’m pretty sure he’s done.

So much about this game is broken or completely neglected. I’m not a big PvE player, i’ve tried my best to get into it but i just don’t enjoy it so i spend my time almost entirely in PvP. But almost all of the recent PvE updates have been either wrong or broken in some way and some didn’t even get implemented into the game and just left.

Even the most recent F!#? up with characters being allowed to level to 20 which clearly is supposed to be an Operation 5 thing gets mistakenly added into the live game an entire month before Operation 5… how?.

Again i’m not even a PvE player and this annoys me because of how careless it is, and your reaction to this was to just revert people back to 18 and say “Just don’t play the character you levelled till Operation 5” like… really?..

Even the simplest of things like Medal descriptions are wrong and somehow get put into the game and you’re telling me that nobody from TC notices?. Do you not double check ANYTHING before implementing it TC?..

Then there’s things that effect me as a PvP player, the GP system, the matchmaking… my god what a ■■■■ show.

The matchmaking in this game regardless of which ranking system you’re using is straight garbage.

Here’s a thread i made back in January of this year and even back then i’m saying the same thing i’m saying now that the matchmaking is the worst of any game i’ve ever played.
There has been no improvement at all made since release and in fact i’d argue it’s gotten worse.

It’s far too easy to get Onyx in any mode, legitimate Silver 2 players can get into Onyx which creates incredibly unbalanced matches as Onyx players can play against genuine Master players.

Why is it also at Gold rank you can either find Bronze and Silver players or Onyx and Diamond players.
Forgive me if i’m wrong but doesn’t that completely defeat the point of having ranks?.
If i can find players from either end of the skill spectrum then how can you have an even and fair ranked match?.

You say you increased the gap to -2/+2 so people can find matches quicker due to low availability of players.
But why design a ranking system that requires playlists to have a high population in a low population game.

If i’m ranked at Gold 2, i should only be able to find Silver 3, Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3 and Onyx 1 players.
Which even that is too lenient realistically to provide balanced matches but it would help.

On top of that and i don’t know if TC are aware of this or not, likely their not let’s be real here. You can find Onyx and Diamond players as a Bronze 1 if you’re searching solo. My friend accidentally searched TDM instead of KOTH and found himself in a lobby with Onyx and Diamond ranked players… as a Bronze 1… Probably another thing that’s slipped under TC’s radar which for a new player is probably a very off-putting experience.

Gears 5 has hands-down been my least favourite and most blood boiling experience with any Gears game.

I try not to complain about the game too much or make pointless angry threads as there’s already enough fuel for that fire but it’s so hard not to when there’s just mistake after mistake by TC.

The games been out over a year now and you still can’t play the campaign from start to finish without finding a game breaking bug which requires you to either reload a checkpoint or restart the entire chapter. It’s crazy.

The way things have been handled and the decisions that have been made are really poor at times.
No Gears game is perfect and they all have had their problems but Gears 5… whole other level of flawed.

I’m not a developer and i’m sure it’s hard and i’m not trying to be a ■■■■ by writing this or undermine anybody’s work at TC but it’s so hard not to say something when the overall experience of Gears 5 has been just… a disaster.

The whole Gears franchise deserves to be treated so much better than this.


There no one left playing rather play against good or bad players then no one

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I just have to chuckle…

I started out my reply by quoting you on the parts of your post that I 100% agreed with, but it ended up being so many quotes, it would have basically been reposting your whole OP.

So I just decided on these two:

I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head with this post as to the entire state of the game. It’s simply a joke at this point.

I’m currently farming Legend ranks and trying to level up all my skills cards, but I honestly don’t even see the point in it anymore. I’m seriously starting to think it has been a waste of time and electricity, but there’s that 1% spark of hope in my that things will be better in OP5.

Realistically, I know they won’t be. OP5 is going to be such a disaster… they are basically rebuilding Horde mode from scratch, which is just going to utterly blow up in their faces from a programming standpoint.

But yeah, as you said… even the tiniest of seemingly easy details like Medal descriptions being wrong… it’s just so mind boggling how any of this passes their QA team. TC Sera retorted in a post recently that the devs DO in fact test their games… Well, honestly, it looks like you need some more or some better testers, because the Game. Is. Broken!!

Great post!


I hate to rain on the Parade and I am really sorry if you got a quitter penalty, but I never got one when leaving after another player on my team left before me.

"Why is it also at Gold rank you can either find Bronze and Silver players or Onyx and Diamond players.
Forgive me if i’m wrong but doesn’t that completely defeat the point of having ranks?.
If i can find players from either end of the skill spectrum then how can you have an even and fair ranked match?.

You say you increased the gap to -2/+2 so people can find matches quicker due to low availability of players.
But why design a ranking system that requires playlists to have a high population in a low population game.

If I’m ranked at Gold 2, i should only be able to find Silver 3, Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3 and Onyx 1 players.
Which even that is too lenient realistically to provide balanced matches but it would help."

Excuse me here, you say it’s way too easy to get onyx in any mode, that I i might or might not agree with but in the same sentence you say a gold should only be matched against a silver or gold ? Make up your mind and stick to it.
If a solo bronze gets matched outside of the supposed range I can not speak for, if he is teamed with a higher ranked player again common sense.

I’m not a first day Gears player my main is WOW but all I understand is that people want Team based mode progression be about solo player power, that whole concept seems completely foreign to me. A team based game is team based. If you want to just rely on yourself why not do FFA ? It’s the most fun mode IMO(I am not saying gears 5 pvp isn’t messed up) but unless you have a full 5 man premade(or stack I guess as it is called here) there is always a matter of randomness.

Each rank has 3 tiers. Right now as a Gold ranked player you can find the following.

Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Bronze 3, Silver 1, Silver 2, Silver 3, Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3, Onyx 1, Onyx 2, Onyx 3, Diamond 1, Diamond 2, and finally Diamond 3. Literally all of the ranks excluding 1 being Master.

Don’t think of the ranks as simply as Gold, Onyx, Diamond etc… Allowing a single Tier in either direction would be the tightest matchmaking TC have ever had.

The example here being. Silver 3, Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3 and Onyx 1.

It doesn’t matter that it says Silver or Onyx, it’s within 2 TIERS not RANKS either direction which provides a more accurate matchmaking system.

Which is closer to how it should be. But with low populated playlists, they can’t do this. That’s the point.

That I can see, I always though of those ranks as of a hindsight to be honest.
Full ranks only are the different named ones for me. again I might not come from the same place.

Very good and considered post. As a total fanatic (aren’t we all!) I find myself agreeing with almost all you say.

I play Gears 5 (koth) about 2 times a week. Anything more and I post things that get me a suspension :wink: it really is so frustrating. I can have fun with it and desperately want to, but the fun is usually overwhelmed by the frustration, upset and broken gameplay. Who knows maybe with 6 and the more powerful Xbox, TC will deliver.

As it stands right now Gears 4 and specifically Gears 3 are vastly superior games.


Lol, pretty much, yeah…

Going from memory, i think i had about 30 days of horde and 60 days of versus in GoW4… I was sooooooo hyped for G5…

I currently have maybe 5 days of versus, in G5 (and maybe 20 days of horde)…

I cannot get into versus in this game… Just cant. Even withoiut the ranking and matchmaking problems, just get no fun out of the movement , the weapons, msps, etc…

Horde isnt so bad in op4, tbh, but I dont like the upcoming changes, and i think i have run my course of … Interest, i guess, re G5 horde…


just a sad state of affairs here on the forums with posts like these. it’s demoralizing, I feel bad for the diehards who keep plugging away at it.

kinda odd seeing the contrast in positivity and hype with the social media side though. it’s all gung-ho for the Series X improvements and character skins.

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Been here since day one and I cant agree more with all you just said… I really have a love/hate relationship with this game at this point, Feel like im honestly playing it because the older gears game are dead and i dont fully like gears 4 movement speed (also because of the characters being locked behing RNG packs that just give me ■■■■■■ weapon skins).

Im mostly a pvp player and this new ranking system completely ruined this OP for me, Last season i was diamond 2 on KOTH, and gold/onyx on the rest of the game types. Facing masters team/stacks, intense moments with matches that ended 2/1, with good teammates as a solo player, and I barely had the type of matches we have today: full lancer that just grind kills and you being locked with useless teammates.

I love horde, and I really enjoy escape, but i cant fully get into it like pvp.

Also personal take: Operations are way too long, once you get all the rewards at mid operation, one just dont have the incentive to play anymore. New content takes forever to arrive, I play on the same 3 maps everyday… not enjoying pvp just kills the full experience for me.

Oh it’s really not that bad

I mean sure


I’ve given up gaming altogether because it’s put me off all games forever but…


I’ve had no interest in ranked matches this op, the gp system is totally pointles when u get ppl sitting back spraying n getting gp for a few hits while im in the mix fighting for weapons, ppl need to earn their rank and not be given it because they can spray from cover.

As for all the updates that cause even more problems is quite frankly pathetic on THE COALITIONS behalf, could u ever imagine if bungie did an update for destiny 2 and made it a mess of things like TC does??
I dont think it would be possible. “oh wait u lost all of the exotic items u had… Erm… dont use ur titan for 5 weeks till we try n fix” it😂

Another issue is as usual theres no communication from TC on any of these problems, its like if the say nothing nobody will bother.

Surely SOMEONE must take responsibility for pushing these updates out knowing that there broke AF yet the still do it, ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Im pretty sure if this was someone doing a normal job they would be getting told their service is no longer required, cause their work is pisspoor.

No wonder last weeks stream was cancelled, probs worried about all the flak they would get.


Im still playing Gears of War 4 and having a lot of fun in KOTH. Can’t say that about 5, I haven’t played it in months. There is still a lot of high level players playing 4 which is cool.

Also I agree with everything you said. What a shame about this game.

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Stop going in without a team.

This game is buggy like that.

The real battles start when you hit masters. Everyone else is really easy to dismantle.

I and almost everybody else in the replies agree with you this ranking system is disgusting, I will often times find myself playing against a stack of masters while solo queuing and my team will consist of a mixture of onyx gold and silver players. Nothing even comes close to being fair in this game. Matches will start without full teams and if they don’t like it’s supposed to correctly do you lose GP for a player leaving the pregame lobby as if you yourself left. Today I ran into another game breaking issue, My game has crashed multiple times (Xbox one x) after loading the game back up and trying to rejoin back the game will have ended and bam you are suspended from match making. I have played GOW since the original and this is by far the most frustrating game in the entire franchise, I don’t know of any support to reach out to other than their automated one, Why does TC have a support chat to get instantaneous resolutions to suspensions like you or I mentioned? Absolutely absurd for a AAA title to be this broken with little to no support or taking feedback into account. I don’t know if I’ll purchase another gears title after this.

Not being combative, just using your point to make mine…

Tell that to TC about their game. A demoralizing forum would be if people were sh***ing on a game that the devs loved and cared about. TC does not care about this franchise, it’s evident in their quality, their lack of basic communication, and even they way in which they talk about it in streams…no enthusiasm whatsoever.

I play every day, 98% horde only. I really only play Gears…Halo and CoD call my name sometimes. I suppose us diehards will put up with just about anything if the game boots up and there is a semblance of hope.

Wow its funny cause only times i got banned was when the game dissolved somehow banned 15min…rarely banned if i rage quit … Game is sas backwards

TC need to just go ahead and scrap the ranking system altogether… Its caused way too much toxicity, led to too many broken friendships (:pleading_face:) and all the bugs/glitches/hax/whatever that are present in this game just exacerbate the issue and make Ranked cringe.

I for one do think the current system is drastically superior to old, but it’ll never be great is what I’m really saying.

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Of course they care, they could easily have dumped and run if they didn’t care. The constant stream of made up negativity does nothing but make us the community look like whinging children. It must be hard to maintain the enthusiasm in streams, imagine doing them and reading the childish crap week after week in the chat window. A lot of it is embarrassing, yet I think Dana does a great job considering,

I’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm from the guests/devs . The PVE dev has been excellent and lot’s of them have come across well as trying their best to develop a game that they are clearly also passionate about. I will say it again, people keep posting that Gears 5 is crap or lost the OG gears feel but rarely state what they want. We all have times where we don’t want to play a game anymore or it moves in a direction we don’t want but this forum seems to have a unusual number of people who want to hang around and keep telling you they don’t play the game anymore and why X is so much better.

I love this game, I loved Judgement too and Gears 1 and 3, yeah this game has flaws and they are making PVE decisions I don’t like but I strongly disagree it’s not because they don’t care. Admittedly I didn’t much like Gears 4 so I took a few years off Gears, I think that’s been an advantage in my mindset with this game.

I appreciate the effort the OP took to list what he doesn’t like, the constant negativity with no evidence of what they want instead is kinda tiresome. It’s like a few who don’t like the game won’t be happy until they can get others to not play or hate it too.


Sorry, I had a hard time reading beyond that line. But I find it odd you point out forum negativity

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