This game has one of the WORST netcode ever

The problem is a lot of these shots your character doesn’t actually have to face where the shot is coming out. Saying that I’m still not 100% how that Baird managed to get the kill in the last clip.

I could watch an hour more of this to be honest because it happens literally every game. Another thing I just experienced my last game was a guy charging me with a chainsaw and I full spread him with my gnasher and he keeps walking toward me and kills me.



Happens so much

I know! I get the same thing all the time.

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So how do you explain the instances at similar pings in the video above?

Z I I is literally the biggest cry baby of them all with the whole net code thing. He is so hellbent on a gnasher or sniper not facing him when he dies.

I thought they had a dev stream earlier talking about that. They discussed that very issue. Its the camera angle of the player and not necessarily the actually direction of the weapon.

All the other things were he was out of GIB or maybe ping related. Perfect reason why the new beta tuning is better for the game. It will help with these close combat fights like I’ve been saying.

Because you need to do a real time test not just some ping test that lasts very short amount of time without any stress introduced.

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Doesn’t matter. Such tests deliver the same results.
This game is the problem, not the infrastructure.

There are instances in the video which are very clearly a netcode/server issue. If I remember correctly all the instances in the video are at similar pings so saying it might be a ping issue doesn’t help.


Wrong,wrong,wrong and more wrong smh

TC gave always claimed that the shooting mechanics are “in line barrel” shooting so for it to be a camera angle now makes it centre screen which is contradictory but at least TC are consistent in that respect

The same can be said about wrap shots too #defyinglogic

The netcode isn’t broken as that implies that it once worked which it clearly hasn’t :thinking:


Uhhh no. I am not wrong. Or I wouldn’t be posting.

This is from the developer themselves. I said shots go in the direction of the camera. That is not center screen like gears 1. They still come from the muzzle.

As you know, the shot either has an origin from the muzzle or the camera depending on whether you are hipfiring or aiming. This is clearly shown in the images I added above in this thread.

What remains the same for both states is that the shot direction is always going towards the aim-point of the camera - or more simply; the shot is always going towards the center of the screen towards what we aim at. The origin of the shot is the only thing that is changing from hip to aim fire states.

So when you are doing an Up-A/Wrap shot, the aim position of the camera is determining where the shot is going - basically you can draw a line between the muzzle and the center of the screen, where the muzzle is the pivot point:

This image is just after firing in an up-A while aiming to the right (note: I have detached the camera from the character so you can see what is happening):

Here is another up-A while aiming to the left:

In both instances the muzzle position, due to the animation, is in the same spot, but the shot simulation is correctly pointing towards where I was aiming. The shot always emits from the correct place (the muzzle in this instance), but where I was aiming determines its direction independently of the muzzles physical facing.

The down side to this is that what you see as a victim isn’t always as clear as we would like it. As the shooter, however, your shots are simply going in the direction you are actually aiming. If it was locked to the muzzle always, you wouldn’t be able to hit your shots consistently at all since the animation doesn’t always resolve at a perfect angle relative to where you are aiming.

All 3rd person shooters suffer from this to varying degrees and Gears has been no exception.

It is also a good example of an area of focus we will have moving forward in the longer term. It involves a lot of work at the base level of the animation system and content, however.

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I will agree that the game is not 100% perfect. That of course there may be some bug related issues.

But massive net code inconsistencies is not a real thing.

If you can’t see many shots were clearly out of gib range, or the Myrra was already past him when he shot, or other clear misses, then idk what to tell you.

I’m not gonna do a full break down of every video screw up. I will say a vast majority of all his examples have an explanation. Some are just him being salty and he shouldn’t even be complaining, others are what I said above.

I think we can find common ground on this:

gears 6 should feature a theater mode where players can look and watch their plays from a ghost camera, have ranges up to see when/if shots that were fired were in GIB range and percentages to see damage taken per shot or number of pellets hit. It would mitigate a lot of the confusion, and help filter what is a majority of bs that we see now, to true bugs and issues that need to be worked out at a faster pace.

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Great pictures!!!
This shows the issue perfectly, the shot should be aiming where the gnasher is facing, not the camera, because the other player can’t evade something they can’t see and gets killed without watching him aiming which is very frustrating!

Yes I definitely agree with you there. As he stated it can be confusing and definitely annoying/frustrating for the victim. And they said it’s an area they are working to improve.

I don’t consider an animation problem a net code issue. Maybe I should? Majority of the time it’s with up As and wrap shots that happen so fast you don’t even see it unless you go frame by frame.

With the removal of adhesion and magnetism, if you get hit, it’s because your opponent hit you. It’s not because of some error in the code. If your opponent didn’t get GIB’d or go down, it’s because you missed, we’re outside of range, didn’t hit all pellets or a combination.

Regardless, there is obviously a sense of “I feel like I should have killed my opponent when I didn’t with my shot” voiced here in the community. A lot of it can be just not knowing game mechanics and the why. Others could be real problems. I say this because I believe the new beta tuning will help on the pathway to making that question asked less frequently.


@HesitantPath667 i get what these pictures “show” but TC went to great lengths to show that shots are coming out “in-line” with the barrel and yet these images contradict what TC claim which is the only consistent thing they come out with lol

The netcode is soooo messed up that the don’t know what to do about it hence why ive heard that the overall engineering was out sourced and dana has been promising for months to get “their” lead engineer or whoever to come on a specific stream for MONTHS and it’s yet to happen unless ive missed it lol

Ultimately me and many hundreds of thousands of other ppl haven’t had these problems on gears 1 to 4 but don’t get me wrong these had their problems but gears 5 is next levle :joy:

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One of the most annoying things that happens way too often going into a gnasher battle is the animation on my monitor feels like it’s slowed down and I can’t tell exactly what’s going on or I feel like I have no control over my characters movement, the next thing I know I’m dead.

This happens even with similar pings or lower, higher pings just eat my bullets and glitch horribly.

I’m not defending everything in the video as a valid complaint. I guess the only thing I can add is that I’ve never experienced screen difference issues this bad in any other gears game. Gears 4 was obviously a much quicker game and it never had issues for me to the extent that I’ve seen consistently since release with G5. I can play it now on the same internet that I have crazy problems in 5 and have basically no issues.

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People have been complaining about the netcode for about a decade at this point — the first time I ever went on the Gow forums, there were people complaining about the netcode in Gow2 after Tu6 when client side hit detection was added, and nothing much has changed since then in relation to the arguments people make, the clips they provide or the solutions they propose, namely higher tick rate servers that we’re never going to get.

The beta tuning is going to alleviate a lot of these issues by slowing the game down. But sadly the worst two offenders are people shooting out of rolls/runs before they even finish the animation on your screen, and these weren’t really addressed in the beta tuning.