This game has one of the WORST netcode ever

I prefer gears the way it is now minus the 100,000 pvp kills and the assists, old horde modes are very boring and far easier with how generic they are and anybody with no time invested in the game can start on insane right away and be fine, that’s kind of lame that means you do horde once and have no more work ahead of you. Beast mode is boring after a few wins as well with no goals to pursue in the game, if you’re not goal oriented or the achievements that’s fine, but the old gears games are pretty bad when you stop being nostalgic and try going back to enjoy them for more then just 1 match.

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You should really go back and reread what I said. It was a good foundation. If you don’t know what foundation means, by all means, please consult Webster.

Reiterating your same point, whilst ignoring mine and trying to interpret what you “think I’m saying”, instead of just taking the time to comprehend what I am actually saying, just wastes everyone’s time.

That’s nice that you like the game the way it is. Maybe you’ll win the lottery and be able to pay Microsoft the hundreds of millions they have invested back to them so they will keep the game the way YOU like it.

Unfortunately, a game needs players to sustain it. Your advocating for the game to stay headed in the direction it is heading is just advocating for this franchise to die and to be shelved indefinitely.

How do you people not understand that Gears is barely hanging on. Many, MANY other games have been shelved for far, FAR less. Your own biases are standing in the way of you seeing that your own personal incredulity is going to be the demise of this franchise.


Wow so good the sold the franchise :rofl:

Judging by player base it isn’t the lowest played gears of war game of all time, it’s not that much of a dying franchise you think it is but it’s not quite fortnite or other popular streamers paradises to be so it won’t blow up the same as those weaker games.


■■■■■? It’s no different from games like Overwatch and R6 Siege. Every character has a role to play, and it’s literally explained in plain text when you go to select a class. If you’re still stuck in 2009, haven’t played a game since the 360 era, and find things like this convoluted, that’s understandable.

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It’s convoluted in the sense that they took every class and created a handful of sub classes. They then took those sub classes and created a handful of sub classes for each sub class. They then tied all sorts of card upgrades and progression numbers to these couple dozen classes.

They took something that was extremely simple, but restrictive, and cut it up into teeny tiny little pieces and then handed it back and tied 1,000 different things to leveling up each individual one and then pretended as though extending playtime through micro managing playability was what was asked for.

All you had to do was ask for an explanation. I’m not sure what all that filler was for. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. Was I supposed to get upset by you saying something snarky?


This is why the beta won’t fix these issues.

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I have bunch of clips to show but do not know how to upload them as I did on PC and they removed the feature to upload them on Xbox companion

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I don’t know what will or won’t work. For all anyone knows, the beta tuning will turn out very well. We won’t know the answer to that question, until the answer presents itself.

What we DO know the answer to, is the amount of player drop off that’s occurred since release. What we DO know are how many things TC have walked back and changed to create more player agency and engagement. What we DO know is the way the game sits, the player numbers continue to dwindle.

So what that leaves us with, is a known unknown. We know there’s a problem, but we don’t know what that problem is. This is TC troubleshooting and trying to solve the problem and get people back into the franchise so that it can sustain itself and lead to more entries, and them not losing their jobs.

At the end of the day, all you can do is agree there’s a problem, and give the proposed solution a chance. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.


Brother, what in the hell are you talking about? Where do you see subclasses?? This is how it works:

  1. Select a class. (Tactician, for example)
  2. Play Escape or Horde
  3. Get as far as you can.
  4. Level up the class at the end if you earn enough XP
  5. You earn multiple cards that you can upgrade once you get enough dupes, or use coins to upgrade if you have enough.
  6. Repeat process until the class is level 20 and has level 6 cards across the board.

That’s literally it. It’s that simple. Why are you acting like it’s this super complex system that requires an engineering degree to understand?

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The problem with a lot of modern lag compensation solutions is that they try too hard to create “equity” in situations that are obviously one-sided.

Any form of lag compensation should only take effect when the difference in connection performance is relatively close. It should not be trying to create an equitable match between someone with dedicated, hardwired, unshared fibre and somebody pirating their neighbor’s wifi. It should be unequivocally punishing the latter by making them stationary to every opponent, and making the person playing on the potato wifi dust every shot.

In the Core-A example, the ideal solution would be to punish the person with the overheating PS4 causing the problem in the first place, like, severely. Your console overheats, it’s up to you to resolve that.


We do because we have the beta now to play with.

What are you talking about. We don’t know any of this. No one but TC knows this. Its all just speculation. Only actual player counts we have is for steam, and no one plays this on steam.

The only thing you can go off is microsoft most played or true achievements and doing that doesn’t tell what is actually happening.

But, if you really wanna use those, there is a post on here saying Gears 5 was like 46th back in November 2019, and it was like 25th about a couple weeks ago in USA. So based off of that numbers seem to hold. True achievements has had it around 15 forever.

My last post was flagged and removed.

Please tell me why I continue to have normal playing matches at 30-90 ping? If the net code was so bad, even with normal ping matches I should be seeing gross inconsistencies. Its just not there. I can slow down my plays frame by frame and see where and why a shot was missed.

Over 150 ping is when things start getting really dicey. And its obvious why. Because of ping.

Blaming netcode is the modern gaming scapegoat to just playing bad. Its never your fault. Its the server! I didn’t miss that shot, its the net code! give me a break.


It’s eh

I literally get no lag. Ever.

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The reason why I stopped playing that game from the beginning of this OP was that, always in each game that happens 86% of the time and instead of enjoying the game I hate it, the real problem is that the coalition really dont care about the true failures of the game and focuses on pleasing minorities or giving recycled characters to calm them down.


How is it restrictive, you can literally choose a class to suit your play style you’re crazy man :rofl:

Horde and Escape are absolutely butt.

Outhouse level feces right there.

I was playing a game of KotH Gnashers earlier with around 6-9 ping on the opposite team a three stack with ping ranging from 98 - 150 something and a four player with ping well over 300 and peaking around 800.

Needless to say this fourth player was completely built proof and won MVP, my team started to quit until it was just two of us left, I shot one guy in the back twice he span round and 1 banged me, frustrated I put on game chat “gotta love that high ping” and got a stack of abuse back starting with being called entitled, garbage, ■■■■ player. Etc etc…

Such a great game :roll_eyes: