This game has gotten stupid with quitters

Went for 1.5 hours and 4 games straight on KOTH with quitters every game. The game can’t even keep people from quitting or fill their spots. How are you supposed to rank up or win if you can’t keep a team. Coalition trying to address quitting isn’t working


I know how it feels but I beat teams before with 2 bots in my team. Sometimes it has to do with the connection too. I was lagging in a Ranked King of The Hill match last night. It doesn’t always go your way. And alot of teams are coordinating to compete. I’m a solo player and will make any matchup difficult.

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Bots are much different scenario than no backfill in ranked games. 1 man missing in KOTH can make a surprising amount of difference.

A quitter in KotH basically guarantees a loss for the team that lost a player. It’s quite ridiculous how often players quit not only while losing but also just after you won round 1. If they got disconnected that’s one thing but more often than not I see them switch to Fortnite.


Yeah we win round 1 and teammate quits. I check and they’re playing NBA 2K18. Really?

We would have won that match if he stayed because the next 2 rounds as 4v5 were very close. The other team was definitely favored to win according to their ranks that showed post match so I would’ve gotten a nice rank boost from that to boot.

But NBA 2K18 was calling…

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3 games today, and had quitters in every one of them :man_facepalming:t4:

well with the Heavy Suspensions getting handed out, might not be a problem for long

That’s what I am talking about. We played like 4 KOTH games in a row and had quitters so it was the biggest waste of time.

It’s just as bad in horde. I haven’t been able to complete a game in horde mania for three days now, due to damn quitters. Each game had been going smoothly too…

People quit:

  • because they don’t get revived immediately
  • because they died and couldn’t be brought back to the fabricator immediately
  • because someone like the sniper or engineer are getting the majority of the kills
  • for no damn logical reason at all

It’s getting really really really annoying now. If only I had a team of 4 other guys or gals, so I could go back to the absolute bliss, that was private horde


I feel like KOTH is now a game of which team retains 5 players. More often than not, someone either drops out or idles for half the game. Though I have brought 4 man teams to victory before, it’s rare and these gremlins will STILL sit back and cross you out when you are down 2 players. There’s little sense of fun left in this community.

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Penalties need to extreme to prevent people from quitting.

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Vision, both to prevent them from quitting, and to get rid of the people who will quit regardless.

Speaking of quitting, today I played a KOTH with the most toxic random. He was crying and complaining before the match even started. I wanted to quit so bad but didn’t want to screw over everyone else, and didn’t want a quit on my account so I endured.

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they will learn not to quit when they get banned for 90 days lol coalition is cracking down hard on quitters one of my friends got banned for 6 months just for getting disconnected from a few games caused by bad internet.

And you think thats fair ?
I can’t see how this penalty is going to really be carried out TBH.Even if players are quitting ,how is it up to TC to say you can longer play the game you bought .They can limit them to just playing social ,but how can they actually prevent them from playiong the game they paid for.?

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Feel free to add my GT. I have it set to show online. If I’m on, I’ll link up for insane mania. About all I play atm. That’s 1/4 done ha.

I love KOTH, feel free to add/mgs me if you need players. I HATE HATE HATE afk/quitters…

I hate spawning next to their useless ■■■■ over and over…

I somehow never saw this message :blush:
We got connected anyway though I guess :slight_smile:

Easy. Tell them they can’t. Any business has the right to refuse customers. If I buy a ticket to Disney world and go make a fool of myself and kicked out without a refund, it’s my fault.

That person may have paid for the game, but so did the other 9 in the match who suddenly have a crap situation on their hands because one person was being selfish or because one persons internet quits out too often.

It’s simply a case of pleasing the masses. Why should they care about one quitter who ruins the experience for everyone. If matches were meant to be 4v5 or 3v5 they would have made them that way at launch.

There are 10 players per match. It is in fact a requirement for the match to begin.

There is a reason there’s no option on the menu to return to lobby. That’s because the rules are that you’re not supposed to. The reason for that rule is that it affects 9 other people in a negative way. The reason is that it turns the match into something it wasn’t designed to be.

It’s like saying why can’t I go steal a television. I need one and I don’t have money.

The reason is it unfairly affects others.

Same principle applies.


just simply dont quit out of matches and you wont have anything to worry about,plus there has already been people getting banned for 90 days or longer so there already carrying out the bans its there game they can do what ever they want with it.

Personally I don’t get why they don’t [like many other Multiplayer games already do] just add in Drop in/Drop out at least if someone leaves, someone else joins, then there’d be no complaining, matches stay full at the least