This Game has a Serious Quitting Problem

Over the last few weeks I have noticed an absurd amount of quitting mid game . I have never seen anything like this with any video game to the extent that I am seeing this. I normally play king of the Hill, not sure about the other modes. And yes I have seen multiple complaints on this forum concerning this. The million dollar question is how does Gears Fix this issue before players in general just totally quit playing this game and move onto something else. Out of the last 15 games I have played there has been a person quit in all of them . Some of those people quitting have good PINGS too. Besides giving someone a Quit Penalty like they are doing now, what do you people think would be the best option to eliminate this? I am just looking for out of the box ideas and not looking to create any huge arguments here.

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Personally, I don’t think quit penalties work.

What I think would work is the following:

  • XP penalties (5k xp to 100k xp)
  • Credit penalties (5k to 100k)
  • Rank penalties (percentage to several rank demotions)
  • W/L + K/D ratios affected by quitting. Quitting should count as a loss and all your kills should be wiped off (meaning only the deaths in the game would count).

This would stop people who quit because they want to protect their precious k/d / w/l ratios.

It’d stop people quitting because they’re scared to lose rank by being on a bad team.

It’d stop random quitting too, as you’d lose a lot of time by quitting (all those credits, xp and ranks).

That’s my 2c. Clearly stopping people playing for x amount of time isn’t working.

You need to hit them where it hurts @anon86589457 @TC_Octus

The current quit penalties are the equivalent to punching someone in the arm. My proposal is the equivalent to kicking them in the balls.


One of the biggest problems are the bad players in your team if you play solo.

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How to solve quitting problem? Get rid of what they want. So that means stripping the Diamond/Onyx/Gold/Silver/Bronze Ranks, no more comparing. Neither having rewards for Diamonds and that stuff. Then why should someone quit?

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i never quit but from a week ago the game kicked me out a lot of times and the rank stats are crazy if i win 5 or six matches my porcentage increised like 5 % but if i lose a couple of times i decreased like 14% something is wrong with this game

If you’re at higher rank, I can assure you that it seems to be working as intended.

i was onix 2 since then i just fall down in my rank then, what you are saying is: that’s normal?

Yep, it seems so.

I disagree, A bad player is still an active target running around to take bullets, support fire, and act as a distraction. A bad player is still potentially a great sport and someone having fun.

Quitters leave you with none of that.

AFK players leave you with none of that while also giving you no chance to back out later.


That could go either way. If there’s no reward and no penalty - why even continue when they get stomped on Round 1?

I’m Onyx 2 in TDM… was 92% then down to 60% then back up to 78% and so far it’s been a stead fall down to 36%.

I can go many games with a win, even as MVP, and I do not move up. So yes, it seems to be the norm once you get to Onyx 2.

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They need to fix MM and make the game FUN again
If you are going to play a ranked game of gears and have pings over 100 ms you should get booted to social !

No rewards but penalties. Think of how Gears of War 2 and 3 Ranked went and turned out. Players ever stayed for full games. It’d even be similar to those Quick matches.

Ah I see, keeping penalties. Sorry, gears 4 is my first gears game so I’m unfamiliar with how it has worked in the past.

I dont know what the answer is but I feel that after a couple quits you should be assessed a time ban say like an hour. After 3-5 quits ban for a day. Something needs to be done though.

The new quit penalties aren’t having an effect, if anything, it’s gotten worse since… played about ten matches so far today and about half have had at least one person quit out.