This game has a lot more cheaters of late (Names to dodge)

I’ve seen an increase in people walling online, not sure what these kids think but I guess they can’t seem to improve to get out of whatever rank they’re in. Aside from that the constant rubberbanding/getting stuck to ■■■■■ is really annoying.

UPDATE: Hacks have been available for this game since a little after release, including muzzle correction. Subscription fee per monthly basis. Ban a player, make another account on Xbox live for free, pc requires no live subscription.

Half a keyframe lock on.

His team were suspicious of him as well.

Bxast m0d3 (Altered name but you get the idea) is another one that is well known, so yeah. Kids that can’t get out of their rank. And for those of you complaining about the terminology used, this is the most ‘family’ friendly insult one could use, the game might be mature but profanity seems pretty unacceptable on the forum.

Update 2: Ran into another one VirgateThy****. Was not hiding it, took sniper dropped 26 - 1 and was getting headshots basically as fast as you could fire the gun. If you match him, dodge.

HeadedDu****** Another cheater, wasn’t hiding it, picked sniper and got headshots as fast as it could fire. Dropped 30 kills in TDM 6 deaths, this one was REALLY bad at the game but would unload Markz/Pistols in literal seconds. Dodge if queued.


I need a Gears decoder ring to understand what OP is even talking about.



This has to be the most unintentionally funny thing I have ever read


Not sure what you mean by walling? Wailing? As in playing good?

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Walling = wallhacks. I somehow doubt it’s true for this game.

But many people who use hacks aren’t blatant about it, so.

Ah yes. The derogatory branding of “kids” to people who’ve managed to beat you in a match. A fine and creative form of wailing.


Pretty much the one thing in gaming I just don’t get lol.

As for OP. Take some videos and report them if they are cheating.


What, the “kids” insult? It’s just a form of an insult meant to say the person being called a kid knows less, has less experience… ya know, stuff along those lines.

Kinda a pretty bad insult considering those who use it are the ones who just got rinsed by a “kid” lol.

Anything to try to get under the skin of that last person who got under the skin of the person who used the “kid” insult, I guess :man_shrugging:

Yeah, true enough. Usually all logic leaves when they try to accomplish that lol.

“Kid” isn’t an insult, it’s a colloquial third person identifier callout which has popularity from the simple fact that it’s one of the fastest words in the English language. It’s a better callout to say ‘This kids hurt/your kids hurt/my kids hurt’ than anything else in most scenarios.

Saying kid seems like a hive mind thing imo. I’ve heard so many people say it I can’t help but drop it now and then.


I’ll bet the origin of the term came from the desire to belittle the opponent somewhat, in an attempt to take pressure off the match.

“Guy” works just as well, but that’s sexist.

“Kid” is ageist, however.

Just…just don’t post.


But that’s the thing… ppl use it as an insult when talking down to ppl online, in FB groups, Reddit, etc etc…. It’s use has changed for many to be used as an insult.

I know there’s various forms of usage…. I even sometimes say, “what up, kid!” to old friends I grew up with. It was a form of friendly identifier among friends and such, but now… it is used as a derogatory term towards randoms online in an effort to insult and belittle, and to try to make it seem like someone doesn’t have the same experience or knowledge in whatever a person just got mad at someone in, like a 1v1 duel that someone kept losing, and their only recourse was to msg the person a “git gud, kid” style message.

By this logic literally anything is an insult because it’s possible to use almost anything as an insult. I could call someone amazing in a derogatory manner, and suddenly it’s an insult according to your post. ‘Kid’ is a third person singular term used so incredibly often that you’re bound to hear it used in all manner of fashions, derogatory and otherwise.

When someone says “Get good, kid.” The insult isn’t the word ‘kid’ — this is literally people looking for something to have an opinion out for no good reason whatsoever.

Is ‘Bro’ an insult? Is ‘Bud’ an insult? Are ‘guy’, ‘pal’, ‘champ’, ‘dude’ insults? How far does this go?

Kids tend to have much faster reactions compared to aging men who like to complain… Myself included

You can’t be a kid and an 06 vet at the same time.

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Yes AND No, because the term was co-opted as an insult in recent times.

You could, just like so many ppl have decided that they wanna be referred to by MANY different pronouns. That’s up to you according to the rules the woke culture abides by now. I wouldn’t, but that’s up to you.

I don’t make these rules up… I’m just trying to clarify things for you. That’s just how things are nowadays.

I agree, which is what I stated in my last comment to you. People use “kid” as an insult and also in a friendly way. Like I said, I’ll even say “what up, kid” to old friends who grew up saying that kind of lingo back in the day. It’s just one of those terms that even though it may have no negative meaning behind it’s usage, others online have co-opted it and use it as a means to degrade or insult, implying “you know less than me because you’re new to this game” or one of the many similar used meanings.

But that’s just incorrect. Kid has morphed into an added insult as well. Like I’ve stated already… kid implies “you’re new” or “you know less than me” or a bunch of other things. It’s just an added insult on top of a insult. The “git gud” is the starter insult, the “kid” part is just another way to further insult.

Now that’s just getting silly. Like I said… I didn’t make up these rules. Again, I even use “kid” with my friends as a positive, friendly thing. It’s what happens online and how it’s morphed into a negative is what I’m just trying to explain. You and I may not want to think of it as a negative, but it very much has become one in gaming/online standards.

But… since you just asked about these terms possibly becoming insults… it could very much happen that friendly, positive words could be co-opted and used in negative forms down the road. Negatives have been reclaimed as positives and positives have been turned into negatives, so while it sounds crazy today, it might become something different and insulting tomorrow.

I never thought I’d see the day that there’d be too many gender pronouns for me to ever remember and to refer to ppl by, but ppl wanting to be called, sim, zim, zir, xyr, frog, kitty, hir, vis, pers, eir, xe, zie, xem, xemself, perself, eirself, terself…. and many other pronouns…. this is what our culture dictates and decides as we go along. This may be a bit of a side note, but it shows that any/all words could very easily change into something else based on what the community decides, just like the gaming community decided to start using the word “kid” as an insult.