This Game Feels Too Arcadey Now

Anybody else think this game feels similar to GoWJ if judgement actually kinda worked or too a much lesser extent Call of duty like. The maps feel so much smaller than Gears 1-3 and there’s less room for movement like strafing. I hope Gears 5 has less of an arcadey CoD feel and more of the original Gears touch.

I’m not seeing it. The TC originals are huge maps, while the old classics are more compact and player friendly. I’m hoping they don’t do all gigantic maps for #5. Just a few for Escalation. They need to remember that the fanbase doesn’t care about that and you can’t force it on them. They like their small maps and it would be nice to see TC make a variety of sizes and not wait and just sell them to us again as “new maps” (Blitz, Apex).

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No way, nothing close to COD gameplay


Maybe there’s Markza, but the dropping down ledges, Boomshield/Meatshield with two handed Weapons and center screen shooting aren’t even there.
It feels more like Gears 3 to me, just without the Semi Auto Hammy, without Sawed Off and many other things, and without cam shaking when running.
If there was Sandbar, Artillery, Aftermath, then Maps would feel massive, right?