This game does not work. I want my money back

I just bought this game and am trying to play it, in single player campaign, and it just doesn’t work. It says ‘server allocation failure, please try again.’ And I have tried again multiple times, and it doesn’t work.

I want my money back.

How do I return this defective product and receive a refund?

By calling Microsoft and asking for a refund.


I don’t have this problem, but u cld try doing a console restart, this sometimes helps with some issues, I couldn’t connect to the gears servers once, done a console restart and been fine ever since, u cld also try uninstalling and re-installing if it doesn’t work

Never had this problem until today i try to play horde Join or create custom game and "server allocation failure, please try again.’ Keeps Popping up
Coalition you are messing up a lot with the online Part of the Game,Its still So damn hard to Find games the List Shows Games that do not Exist and are full and keeps showing them in Search ! this is ridiculous plese Do something about this ASAP we pay good money and alhtough cant expect a Perfect Game we expect at least some things to be Working properly.

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