This dude cheating?

I have proof and I blurred it so it isn’t a callout thread…just legit curious if this dude is hacking. If he is I’m honestly concerned because he is a fairly high level meaning either he just got those hacks or the auto ban system ain’t working lol

It is possible.

No clips of him snapping to heads with longshot sadly so they were trying to be reserved about it but even his teammates were calling him a cheater lol I do have that clipped but I’ll save that for if/when I report this pro gamer.

It looks quite convincing.

His reticle on the kill cam lagging behind where it should be to get the hits is nothing out of the ordinary, and he didn’t down you in fewer hits than normal.

In the second clip it looks like you got crossed.

People cheat without being blatant about it in a variety of games all the time, but that’s the entire point. It’s not really possible to distinguish from gameplay that this kind of cheating is happening, and everything in those clips is well within the realm of what is humanly possible.

No I didn’t, the other guy is grabbing drop.

And the fact that he has this insane aim but can’t land a DBNO kill without missing makes me assume his aimbot is bugging out.

There’s two things about this — the first is that I feel like I get kills just like the first one about every other match. But the other thing is that there are two players who have this kind of soft-aimbot controller lancer, and not only does it look exactly like this — one of them uses that character and skins (but a different mark).

If these are like two isolated kills it could just be luck, but if he was doing this for a whole match it’s incredibly sketchy and these are the sorts of cheaters who aren’t ever going to get caught.


This is the last clip I have of this guy which isn’t mines. This was a death one of the people I was playing with got hit by and yes its the same guy.

That’s actually one of the weirder killcams I’ve ever seen.

Yeah probably because his quickscope aligned perfectly with my friends head while walking (which increases the radical btw)

Jesus he is so subtle about it that you legit can’t tell. But if you played against this guy in the match you’d know his overall gears fundamentals do not match his aiming.

If he was hitting sniper shots like that all game, then yes, it’s pretty sketch. But one quick scope that was well within magnetism bs range isn’t proof. (Standard matches have more aim assist than OSOK, and OSOK is still more aim assist than assist off in options.)

First clip: Didn’t really see anything wrong until the killcam. (yes I know killcams aren’t 100% accurate)
It seems all his lancer shots were headshots. Maybe I’m just bad at aiming (inb4 buster talks s**t) but I’ve never been able to down someone with the lancer where all my shots connected with the enemy’s head.

Second clip: Dont really see anything wrong. I,think we’ve all had a moment where we’re hyped up in a game and accidentally miss a gnasher shot on a downed opponent.

Well I appreciate all the feedback guys, It was just a very sketchy match. That guy didn’t play like any of the better players I’ve run into is what made me assume.

That’s sort of the feeling I got from the very first clip. Like, that’s very impressive aiming, but not necessarily what you would rely on with an enemy that close and no teammate support to down him. He seems entirely confident that his lancer will down you.

What’s more, he’s not even feathering the trigger to keep the spread down. He’s just holding it. That first video is either great aim and a bit of luck that helped him out of a bad decision, or he’s got aim assistance on. That’s my take.

EDIT: Or he’s just on PC and hasn’t mastered moving with M+KB but can aim better than any controller user lol.

Looks like armoured fahz has a rival.

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It’s not a bad assumption. The dude may have very well been cheating. It’s just not a certainty from the clips I saw. If nobody else shot you at all in that second clip, that is actually the most sus one of the bunch.

The really obvious stuff is undeniable. If this dude was cheating, it’s limited to aimbot and he’s toggling it.