This does not feel correct :(

gears 5, i’m loving the campaign (very buggy, but enjoyable), however the multiplayer (TDM), it does not feel right.

gears to me , was beefy/grunty , the shotgun had impact (this was true for gears 1,2,3 and 4), it made it unique, different from CS and COD.

Gears 5, feels arcade-y more like a COD, it reminds me of judgement (of which no one really liked). also the lancer is OP.

A number of people that I play with feel like they enjoy 4 more than 5, For these reasons and also for the known other issues.

is there anyway to address the feel of the multiplayer?

I still can’t get over my damn gun reloading when I try to fire half the time. it’s annoying.