This could be our last Gears of Wars

Dear The Coalition,

we’re writing this letter to you and all your partners with the best of our intentions:

we are a group of 5 old gears and we would like to have one minute of your attention about the new Gears of Wars 5’ season, Operation 4: Brothers in Arm. English is not our first language, so be patient and accept our effort to write to you. Thank you.


We would like to point out that most of us have a job and a family. The time to play Gears is two or three evenings per week on a monthly average.
We bought all the Gears from 1 to 4, also including Judgment, we played and completed them all 100% or almost.
We realize that Gear dedicates less and less attention to old fans (who work and pay), and more and more to the last generation of teenagers who have a lot of free time but less money. (usually the latter ask parents).

What are we trying to say? An example: Dom’s splash screen at the start of the game looks like a Fortnite character with a shotgun behind him. We would like Gears of Wars to keep looking like Gears and not a new Fortnite.

We are following what people are posting on the forum, and we agree with some complaints that have been written so far. In particular about the new achievements of OP4:

  • Make 'em Bleed (Deal 30,000,000 damage in Versus)
  • Absolute Carnage (Deal 100,000,000 damage in Versus)
  • Yep, I’d say they’re dead (Kill 25,000 enemies in Versus)
  • Nothin 'but bits! (Kill 100,000 enemies in Versus)
  • Eyes on Target (Get 12,500 assists in Versus)
  • Covering in Fire (Get 50,000 assists in Versus)

These are still to be evaluated at the moment:

  • A War That Will Be Won (Re-up 40 Times)
  • A Challenger Emerges (Rank up to Silver in a Ranked Versus Mode)

The versus achievements are truly exaggerated! Why?
First of all, because they are forcing all kinds of Gears’ players to play versus mode!
For heaven’s sake, we understand very well that the eSport world exists for Gears; many Gears players love Versus thanks to eSport.

But we don’t like Versus, we prefer horde and escape that we willingly play as a group of friends. We love coop and not versus!
This “forcing” in Versus seems unethical behavior on your part towards us. We have paid the game; we would like to feel free to play the modality we want more.

We like to complete the games 100%, but we don’t see a valid reason to discuss this passion of ours.

Our proposal:

  • We propose you to change the requirements for the 100.000 kills from “Versus” to “Any Mode” (Versus, Horde, Escape).
  • The Re-up 40 Times takes ages, I mean, we can understand the Re-up 20 and 30, but not the 40!
    You should put balanced upgrades for players like us in your store to encourage level-up, for a fee. Or maybe some x2 x4 Exp weekend/events?

We ask you to re-evaluate our open letter to modify the achievements, at least to make them more “human” and more “accessible” to everyone who can choose how, when, which part of Gears 5 to play.

Try for a moment to acquire the empathy necessary to put yourselves in our shoes that we are old players, workers with family but still Gears fans. We feel more like old Marcus than the Fortnite-Dom in the splash screen…

We hope our open letter is “worth” your attention. We are thinking that this new direction of the Gears series is going to force old players like us to a forced goodbye. We are feeling abandoned as true old guard Gears since the time of the first release, which took place in 2006.

If you can, show us how much you care about all gear players and not only the new generations.

Hello or Goodbye?

The Gears group:
Centurion 47th
Abaddon 17th
i5K y L ii N e

PS: We feel like great old Marcus could be a little bit in agreement with us.


I too am an old gears player. What you need to abandon is gamer score and enjoy and love the modes you want to play. Turning your backs on a game because you won’t 100% it is well odd. You love the game, why stop?


True that. I am a completionist myself but I would never abandon a game because something is too hard ie achievements. I will abandon the game because if its bad or I am just not enjoying it anymore.

Also op you scare the **** out of me with that title. I thought you had information that would suggest Microsoft were canceling Gears or something. Whew talk about a near heart attack.


Just play the game for the love of it mate.


The last Gears of War was Gears of War 4.
This is not Gears of War!
This is Gears 5! :crazy_face:


This has been a common complaint I’ve seen in th forums …i am also of the old generationof gears players ive played every game and gears has a history of seriously time consuming achievements (the seriously achievements come to mind) …im also a horde and escape player and play versus very very casually(mostly quick play arcade for some fun) i agree these achievements are a bit impossible to achieve but are u seriously not gonna play a game cause u can’t earn an achievement? …since when is gameplay less important than an invisible trophy nobody cares about ?? The new trophies are made this difficult for the 1% of ppl who give a damn and want to get 100% out of the game thats why they keep adding new ones to bring them back…lastly who gives a damn about the splash screen yes its very cartoony but op 3 also had the same art style …it dissapears in what 1 minute? Just select the game and get a drink while it loads …the game still looks the same otherwise

I would agree that going forward all Gears games should be labeled “completionists need not apply”.

I’m ok with mostly unattainable achievements as it really doesn’t bother me. I try for the low hanging fruit.

I would like to hear from @GhostofDelta2, @Lambent_Lail, and @MCSS_Aerocoupe or others that do usually complete.

There’s been several threads. Does it change your desire to play the game?

This should absolutely never happen. Keep the store cosmetic. No pay to win.


I think the achievements are a bit silly.

That being said, game on.


I mean how can you stop now? Lol. I really wondered if it would discourage the top guys in Gears achievements.


Gears 6 will be make or break for The Coalition.
Microsoft might step in and do to Gears as they are doing to Halo 6. Getting it right.

Halo was supposed to have been the Flagship for the Xbox, only it was not ready at the time, Gears of War was. Maybe Gears of War should have been the Flagship, either way, Gears of War 4 was not the great game it should have been, Gears 5 has improved since launch, but also suffered set backs. The Class system is a steaming pile of crap, and if The Coalition can not get that right, one of the best parts of Gears is Horde, and that is out of the window, or stepping back in time. The future is not looking good. After OP 4 and their pathetic attempt again with the Class system, i would not be sorry to see the end of The Coalition, or Gears.
Some people might have been right all along, Gears should have ended with Gears of War 3.

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Ive already started on the 100,000 kills. Im about 6 kills into it already lol but im going for it and if I get it and the coalition at some stage lower the number im going to be p*****. Its purely for the challenge and bragging rights but respect to anyone who can pull this off.


Lets play Devil’s advocate here.

What about the VS players who don’t want to put the time into mastering the Horde maps and the Escape hives? Or getting level 15 with 10 characters?

You are forcing VS players to play Horde and Escape, its only the same with the 100k kills achievements forcing Escape and Horde players to play VS.


I swear if I don’t stop hearing about these achievements.

It’s a pop up on your screen that goes ding and adds an arbitrary number to your profile. You’ll live without it.


They’re called achievements, not participation trophies. Also gears has a history of ridiculous achievements (Seriously and Seriously 3.0) so if you’re true gears veterans, why are you surprised?


Gears 5 looks nothing like Fortnite. Posing with a gun isn’t “Fortnite.” Even the emotes aren’t really Fortnite–it’s just a trend in gaming that Fortnite is well known for popularizing.

I mean the new updates to Character unlocks and the store shows that they care a little bit, right? I was talking to Ghost about this but my main issue with TC isn’t the fact that they are bed devs, because it’s not that bad it’s just blurry and not being helmed by anyone with true leadership. That’s why we get MP directors and Narrative directors who answer “I don’t know,” to simple questions.

With MS owning them we’re for sure getting a Gears 6. It’s already in development. There’s no reason for them not to do it. If 6 is a commercial failure, then we might see the franchise put on ice. But we’ll have to wait and see.


The only Gears game I got 100% on was Gears 2. Was missing Seriously in both 1 and 3. Never really bothered me though.

Same here Ghost. 100,000 kills, 50,000 assists, and 100,000,000 damage will be annoying, but I’ve seen worse in Gears. And by worse, I mean:
Player Level 20 in Gears Pop
Max Pin in Gears Pop
Reach Gold League in Gears Pop
Re-Up 40 in Gears 5
Horde Master (1-50 on all 29 maps) in Gears 2 Japan
Veteran Gear in Gears 2 Japan
Seriously in Gears Games for Windows Live
Not So Seriously in Gears Games for Windows Live
Emerald Gear Challenge in Gears 4

Honestly, the Gears Pop achievements are by far the worst. If someone were to start playing it now, it would be basicially impossible to get the Gold League without spending a few thousand dollars to get leveled up enough to reach the highest league. It would be the equivalent of making a reach Masters in Gears 5 Ranked VS. Then there’s the max player level and max pin level; the only way to get these is either spend a few thousand dollars, or play every 3-4 hours every day for 3-5 years.

But back to the topic of the new kills, assists, and damage achievements in Gears 5, I do agree they are seriously too high. I mean TC literally changed the Tour of Duty because people were complaining about not getting some cosmetic items due to not wanting to play certain modes. Considering how much cosmetic stuff carries over from one game to the next (Ruby Scion, Emerald Gear, Midnight Omen weapons) absurdly high requirements for achievements seems a more logical complaint about digital trophies.

I feel like TC may be putting these insanely high grindy achievements in just to keep the achievement hunters coming back day after day to help mitigate the number of other players who are getting fed up and moving on to other games. If so, this bad as the every thing they are doing to keep one group coming back may well cause these same folks to think twice before buying/starting Gears 6 when it comes out.

With all that said, I’m with Ghost on this; game on. I would ask someone to hold my Dr. Pepper while I grind these out. However, I still have 62 days of boost left and only at re-up 32, so I think I should focus my time on grinding XP for re-up 40 and 50 (may not be announced, but you know it is coming).


That’s one thing I disliked about the new operation was the cosmetic leaderboard rewards being removed. It was a show of skill, which was why I was disappointed when it went to 5% from 1%.

I understand the point behind it, but that’s why the skin held a bit more value, you knew the person did a specific hive with a low time, or got to a specific tier in ranked, I knew the player was good and worked hard for their skins. I never really had a problem with that.

Whilst the Gears Coins rewards do provide more versatility in what you can spend it on, it provides me less incentive to get the higher leaderboard position in the future.

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This. If you talk about Gears as a franchise, this are the worst.

Now if you talk about Main Gears, these are the most annoying, but worse will be if the achievements were on ranked instead of versus.

Seriously and Not so were easy enough if you have 1 PC with 7 more accounts. I did it this way.

And I’ll try my best to complete this Gears too. I complete from Gears 1 to 4, but maybe this would take me more years than I expected (I didn’t grind exp, so I’m re-up 20)

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