This community will NEVER be satisfied (YIKES!)

As the title states… it never has and never will

Change my mind.


Agreed i love all gears accept judgement there are just alot of babys


In my humble opinion, the community could be satisfied, if the game deliver the expectations of the community .

When a developer creates a game they like instead of creating a game the community likes , the community will NEVER be satisfied.


I am not satisfied with your post!


Won’t ever happen because nowadays expectations are placed way too high. Fans hype content up so much just to be disappointed. You can blame devs all you want,

Can you tell me a time in any gears titles prime where the community was satisfied? People ALWAYS had something they were moaning about no matter how small it was, and when I say people I don’t mean one or two I mean the consensus or attitude of the community towards that issue.

This isn’t a Gears community thing. It’s an EVERY community thing. There’s always going to be your vocal minority that will never be satisfied with everything a dev does and that’s just the way it will always be.


While I agree this concept isn’t anything new, the Gears community is definitely something special, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

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Nowadays yes this is true, the gaming community is constantly outraged about any and everything. As of lately is hasn’t been the “vocal minority”. I couldn’t name you a multiplayer game that’s been released in the past couple years that hasn’t had a decent amount of QQing in its first 6 months.

But we’re talking specifically about Gears of War and it seems this community is only satisfied when the next title is out and like to pick and choose the things they did right as staples for the next. All of the sudden that past title was perfect.


The community was satisfied with the Gears 3 Beta and the launch of that game aswell… so…

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We both know that’s a lie. Nothing but people trashing sawed off and retro. Gears 3 is the number one title you guys love to throw out but forget about the numerous problems that plagued that game.


I know the small thing that triggers me personally this time around is when people were yelling from the rooftops that the new blood omen needed to be changed when I adapted to it no prob. I guess I’m even in the minority when I say I like this new one better as there is less bulls**t in the very middle of my screen… I’ve never once died because “Bro, I couldn’t see anything thanks to this omen” and I’ve also never heard that over the mic (Admittedly, I also don’t play with scrubs so maybe that is something uttered in the lower tier levels)

And then the dev showed a prototype of a less intrusive omen because off all the ‘feedback’… So there you go, I guess. Whine about anything you want, and if you’re loud enough, changes will come. I think that’s ultimately why people are so loud about the ‘small’ things. They know they have a chance to alter something they’re not crazy about.


LOL! Get out of here with that. Sawed off was the reason I traded that title in after a single month and never returned. It was the most noob-catered weapon I’d ever seen, and the fact that it could legitimately floor a gnasher user from further away AND could be completely off target was a total joke.


Yeah that’s a lie chief.

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Lazy thread that fails to articulate a point, just creates in-fighting within the community. That’s the worst type of complainer.

People have explained why they are unhappy. Prove them wrong.


I tried to explain the lad the position , however I don’t think he gets it… this post doesn’t have a point at all.


Ha! That’s an easy one mate, like real easy :yum:
I assure you the forums would indeed unite in a flood of satisfaction and joy the likes of which has never been seen should gaming news headlines be lit up with such news as…


CD Project Red join forces with Respawn Entertainment in what Microsoft describe as “A bloody expensive decision” to go to work on THE flagship title for the companies next big console release. The teams state no resource’s have been spared and really look forward to working with each other to create what they describe as THE next generation in gaming

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I’m not sure what the purpose of this thread is. Since you didn’t outright say what you think about the game, I’ll assume you’re either you’re taking one of these positions:

  1. You think the game in its current state is something Gears of War fans should be pleased with
  2. You think the game in its current state is poor, but regardless of the quality, fans will always complain.

Assuming your position is #1. Why should they be happy with the game? Gears of War as a franchise spent over a decade building a dedicated fan-base due to high quality games, loads of content, high replay value, a strong identity, and creativity. Gears 5 lacks so much in most of these areas that I genuinely don’t understand how loyal fans of the franchise could ever enjoy what this game turned out to be.

It’s sorely lacking in multiplayer content, the campaign felt unfinished, ranked is still an inconsistent and unfair mess, new mechanics feel unrewarding and less skillful than in previous titles, and there’s the hugely predatory store that highly exemplifies the 20/80 rule (20% purchase anything to the detriment to the quality of the game). To the game’s credit, its production values are incredible and it’s one of the smoothest performing games I’ve ever played on PC.

Let’s now assume you’re taking position #2. I think we can agree that fans will always find something to complain about. But I also don’t think it’s complicated to understand why that happens. It’s because the people who go out of their way to complain are (whether they realise it or not) providing feedback to a game they’re passionate about and want to succeed. Does that mean the developers can cater to every single complaint? No, that’s impossible and no company should ever attempt to do that. But it doesn’t mean criticism should be disregarded entirely just because you think they complain a little too often. If anything, you should be glad people are criticising the game. You never know, maybe one of those people complaining might actually have something insightful to say that you’d actually agree with if you took the time to listen.


Prove them wrong in there unhappiness? Why exactly would I do that? I’m not happy with the game myself and wasn’t in past titles LOL.

The point of thread is exactly the title. An observation of how this community has always been, Just a discussion of opinions, there is no right or wrong.

But you can keep making assumptions.

These forums were not half as bad as they are right now compared to what they were before the Gears 5 Tech Test. Trust me, the regulars from then will agree.

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I wouldn’t argue otherwise either and it’s for good reason.