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This community needs to grow up a little

I swear, I’ve never seen a more picky, complaining, unsatisfied community than the Gears of War one. No matter what TC does, it always meets with huge backlash. I feel like some people are complaining just because it’s TC and they’re on some weird crusade against this studio. :roll_eyes:

You can see it really well when it comes to changes - They change to little and you all say it’s getting stale. They start changing stuff, minor things and all of the sudden it’s “Judgment 2.0”. Some of you were just born to complain, huh?

I’m playing Gears for 10 years now (yes, I know some of you play it for even longer than that, but that doesn’t mean your opinion is automatically more valid than mine) and I’m personally shocked that the Gears 5 Versus is meeting so much negative feedback. I feel like it’s great, much better than 4 already. We’ve finally got a working Gnasher that feels 10 thousand times better than the Gears 4 one, a slightly slower movement, which IMO is a good thing, as the Gears 4 wallbouncing was getting out of control , the two new maps they gave us look sick (both from visual and gameplay standpoint), new recoil system that makes gunplay more skill-based, not to mention all the other new improvements like the progression systems, menus, hitmarkers, graphical and technical improvements etc. The new omen backlash is also blown out of proportions, after a few games you stop even paying attention to it and I personally think it looks cleaner. Seen some people complain about the gun audio - I think this game has some of the best sounds in the series when it comes to guns.

And where the hell are all those “Judgment 2.0” opinions coming from? Because they made 1 or 2 slight changes to the controls? C’mon, guys… This game is nothing like Judgment and you know it. :disappointed:


Then u clearly have been under a rock if you think this is the only franchise critiqued so intimately. Whilst I will say some people have no diplomacy in how things are handled, No one owes it to any one to be nice either. If u think crusade is an accurate definition you are wrong on the majority and this is just a poor term to start an argument. Every one thinks there opinions are great. No one sits there and says, i have a really trash idea! Thats just stupid. Nor does anyone thinks there ideas are holy or something. again poor choice of wording.

You obviously dont think every1 will be happy with the product in every sense I would imagine. Though everyone is gunna feel different obviously with what is provided to them. This is just reality. You can add a lot and change very little in how the game is played, i.e adding tons of characters at base etc, but not changing the game play much. you can change the gameplay a lot and have very little characters, or stages etc… There are numerous things that can be done with a franchise, and its not all going to appeal to the fanbase. There is also something called precedent. When a company or series etc has done something numerous times, it sets a precedent that people come to aspect. When they dont meet those precedents, sometimes that will upset people. even if the choices made are better. Sometimes they wont be.

Are people overreacting when they say judgement 2.0? completely… And its not even worth the time of day debating cause its irrational and stupid. Whilst people may think arcade mode plays similar to it that is honestly factually incorrect for numerous common sense reasons.
Judgement is one of the worst 60$ retail games that were released by a triple A company in terms of content. It shipped with literally 8 characters in the base game. (Not including preorder exclusive, promo chars, etc) The reality is Gears 5 will not ship with such a terrible amount of content for such a price. or id hope not as these games in canada are 80$. even more. I would not just be upset, id be ■■■■■■■ livid.
We can go on on how this game does not in any way really reflect the quality that is J… They used the engine of 3, ported the chars, (minimal amount and charged full price cause cliffy wanted out of working with microsoft). It was an absolute travesty of a product and human decency. He then sold the ip for more money and left.

If u dont think someone who has played a game for years has more experience usually and understanding of the mechanics. you are just wrong. You have played for a lengthy time, where i say I would assume and hope you know whats actually going on in gears, does 11 years make so much of a difference compared to your 10? obviously not…
If someone has played the game for 10 minutes, is there opinion as warranted as someone who has played for several? Absolutely not. They do not have the necessary understanding of the game and its mechanics usually to have any idea of the meta and such. My 5h of fortnite is not at all valuable compared to someone who has played for months, years etc. IF i think my opinion is worth the same, im a lying moron. is anyone really telling you that there 10 years 5 months, 6 days and 32 minutes is more valuable than your 10 years, 4 months and 32 minutes? doubtful… if they are… there clearly not worth ur time. Though no, someone who has played for months has a chance to know about the game, however if this is there first game, yes there does in some cases make a differences, cause we have not just one games experience but other as well, making a larger picture of gears as a whole.

I could be wrong, but i dont think majority are saying the controls are like judgment… maybe a small few but hardly worth the effort in posting about. They are saying in arcade i am guessing, that killing someone with Lancer headshots beats the purpose of the DBNO System which was there to encourage team work and play, which DBNO was removed entirely in GoWJ and it probably stems more from that. However they still are not right despite i will admit cause im not a jerk that I understand where they are coming from, even if i do not agree in full. Cause i can rational there opinion, whether I agree with it or not.

Sory if this sounded ignorant, I am just stating what i think in regards to your post. Sorry if its a little jumbled, ive been up for some days now so… Sleeping is not my strong suit. not because of gears 5 either… i have sleeping problems so. n no im not on drugs lol

Yes everybody definitely complains just specifically because it’s TC


“A little”? Alot more like! :smiley:

I think people literally wanted it the way they wanted it whatever that was. The comp guys wanted pure comp and the core guys wanted pure comp. Now everyone is upset that they need to make adjustments and their 3000 hours of working under one system is negated.

I dunno. I love the way it feels and im experiencing the same success as Gears 4. I even like arcade even though i think everyone should start with a close range weapon.

There are too many kids here. The gears community was never toxic like this back when Epic were with gears. This new generation of GOW fans are all a disgrace.

Yes it was… it has always been toxic…
gnasher doesnt work,
gnasher needs a buff… i
hit every shot n never miss, how did i get an 83%?
Nerf the lancer!
Why are you trying so hard in social? (Cause i lancer n apparently cant use anything else but what the majority seem to stroke so hard that it has scabbed and started bleeding)
where have u been? Or why are you pretending we are any better? i dont mean literally you and me… but you get my point i hope


I’m sorry but anyone who says Gears was never toxic is lying or has a short memory.


I take your opinion, however I’ve read some useful feedback on these forums I have to agree with some of them. It’s not just a TC witch hunt, players just love the franchise and want what’s best at the end of the day. They won’t be able to please everyone but by playing the tech test there has been viable feedback.


OP says he’s played Gears for the last 10 years, their earliest Gears achievement is from 2016. Their account hasn’t even continuously held Xbox Live.

I don’t believe anything from a such a suspicious account.

Plus they are also talking complete nonsense.

Love these threads where people pretend to take the high ground when all they are doing is complaining about people who are complaining.

If people are unhappy, they should be able to voice it for the betterment of the game. While I see some discontent for the sake of discontent, I mostly see specific criticisms that are well written. These are consumers. TC should be hearing them.


There’s going to be a lot of garbage on the forums because people either don’t think before they post or just don’t care about what they post; this happens with every community. The official General Discussion and Bug Reports threads are pretty good, there is actually some great constructive criticism on these if you’re willing to find it. Whilst in my opinion this game is in no way close to being the worst gears, I do have to agree with some of the negativity (not with how it’s been given). Movement is a real issue in this game and the community as a whole has clearly voiced that, however there are so many people who are completely inept in providing helpful feedback that I worry TC won’t take the genuinely well thought out criticism seriously.


Closing thread because it will just lead to arguments.