This community is an absolute joke (cross platform debate)

If tc removes forced cross play this game will die very slowly, you’re blocking out a large potential community.

This meme is the community right now

Let me give you the bullet points to why TC should have Cross play enabled

  • M&KB Is allowed on console and supported
  • Newest xbox has superior input delays
  • Community is lacking players
  • Most pc players dont have the hardware to get over 120 fps me included
  • New Xbox can get 120fps
  • Your eyes cant process more than 75fps unless youre an alien
  • Fov slider is on console now
  • Pc gets lower input delays on 60 fps
  • Pc has hardware issues and not every pc is optimized perfectly due to hardware differences
  • A large majority of pc players play controller
  • You can purchase a monitor if you want to stop getting clapped
  • There is literally no more ranked
  • There is an anticheat and TC is on the ball with bans, i have only seen one sus player and im pretty sure he wasnt cheating in the entire almost two years.
  • Anyone can use macros, console or xbox

Heres reasons you want crossplay disabled

  • Youre bad at the game
  • You believe there are hackers
  • You are uninformed
  • You have inferior hardware compared to the new xbox and you want to hold the rest of the community back because of your lack of new hardware
  • You think pc players arent human and they can actually process the 300fps they are playing on
  • Some dude on M&KB rocked your dome and had a monitor by his name although he could have been playing on console with M&KB and you wouldn’t have even questioned it.

Here are legitimate arguments

  • Input based matchmaking
  • Raised movement speed to outplay m&kb accuracy
  • Reduced gnasher range and damage to combat bot walking m&kb players as well as increased point blank damage and spread to allow players to
  • Locked max rotation speed to combat instant flicking on m&kb
  • Reduced lancer damage and removed headshot damage modifiers to combat M&KB crossing
  • Reduced shot delays so controller players can outplay m&kb
  • Removal of aim assist in ranked modes.

Commence the salt.


We have a thread on this.


I wanted to make another

This dude woke up and chose to speak F A C T S


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