This App can't open


I have been playing Gears 5 for about a week now, had the update yesterday and even played last night I think at least 4 hours. Today I went to open the game and I’m getting an error message “This app can’t open” When I check in the Windows store it says the games need to be repaired and to reinstall. Honestly really enjoyed the campaign but I’m not gonna redownload the entire game if I leave it installed on my SSD though is there a chance it will be patched in the future or should I just remove it from SSD?

Thank You.

I’m no sherlock but I’m pretty sure you answered your own question with your question. If it told you to reinstall it then maybe try that. Weird though that it’s saying app I’ve never heard of any game minus maybe a mobile game refered to as an app. Only other option I can think to tell you is contacting xbox support.

It’s the Windows 10 version, I’m just going to uninstall did a google search and this is a pretty frequent issue since September so I don’t want to reinstall and then have to worry about this happening again.

It doesn’t hurt to reinstall it. Most games that I download I start before going to bed anyways so it doesn’t affect anything during my play time. The campaign wasn’t perfect by any stretch but I did enjoy it overall for the most part but I’ve been a sucker for the gears universe since it’s inception so I’m biased. Most of the issues I had with it were how the levels and game were designed ie. I didn’t care for skiffing for two whole acts of nothing interesting happening but the story was enjoyable at least till “that” part but I’ll leave it for you to discover the choice is yours although maybe it shouldn’t be… you’ll get that later if you play it. Anyways past the campaign there really isn’t any selling factor for the game right now it’s in a pretty dismal state. Horde is about the only thing outside of campaign worth a damn at this point and they just finished breaking that this week to so no real rush. Maybe hold off till op5 update maybe things will be changed enough by then we are supposed to be getting a pretty big overhaul. Glad you were able to find your answer though.