This a glitch or?

So I was playing OSOK horde and I realised that I had 2 boss waves with a swarmak. Is like a bug

Working as intended :wink:

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The Swarmak is the only kind of boss you’ll get on OSOK Horde.

Although some people have reported that there’s also an enhanced Grenadier Elite on some boss waves too.

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I didn’t mind having the swarmak but when you had teammates blocking you and you’re getting shot it doesn’t help lol

I always enjoy horde special events, it feels they can create / modify all the stuff that they can’t with regular horde.

Checkout as a frequent map? Weird since its a map banned from regular public horde.
Headshots only? Have been relying on the markza for all 25 waves which is awesome.
The biggest boss on the map with the lowest ceiling? Love it.

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