Thinking The Swarm Is Trash Shows How Uncreative You Are

In short …
The Swarm is great! Thanks Coalition and writers. :raising_hand_man:
Haters will hate. :man_shrugging: It shows a massive lack of creativity and world building on your part.

In long …
I wanted to articulate and share why the Swarm isn’t ■■■■ and why this kind of opinion shows a massive lack of creativity and world building. This is why you should think for yourself and not swear by all the rubbish by Gears streamers and “content creators”. … And if you want to pick the Swarm in VS, do it. Don’t let haters hold you back.

“Swarm, Locust, you’re all the same to me …”

While this is mostly true, to those that continue to moan and complain, it needs to be pointed out that repeating the same things again and again is terrible for any series. New Star Wars and Star Trek doesn’t work and will continue to not work because that’s all they do. They simply recycle content for the sake of the negative opinions that need nostalgia fixes.

Stories are the fantasy imitation of life. They should be creating new memories and experiences.

The Locust had generations to develop their army and resources as well as evolve artificially with science and technology. The Swarm is a grass roots, organic retro/prequel evolution of the Locust in a very short space of time. They don’t have science and technology. They are resourceful. They are the freak mutation out of control vs the Locust which was a civilization of it’s own with their own culture. The Swarm’s motivation, method and strategy is different to the Locust.

Why would you want the same thing and thus play the same game over and over?

Each sequel/story should be significantly different to the previous, thus creating new developments and expanding on world building - more so as these new sequels jump timelines. Trends, science and technology in this world is going to change as it does in real life.

It seems complainers want the same thing over and over but yet won’t play the thing they claim is so great. :man_shrugging: Go play it.

The other thing …

Robots is “un-gears like”.
Wakatu is “un-gears like”.
Are the giant creatures and the rift worm “un-gears like” also?

What do you expect Planet Sera to be populated with? What do you expect when travelling to all these locations in the story? Do you think you won’t encounter deadly predators and creatures?

Back to Deebee’s …

Did you play Gears 1?

There’s always been robots and Baird has always been developing new technologies. Just like in real life in 2021 we have Amazon, China, Darpa and Boston Dynamics that have developed sophisticated robots that will take over all your jobs. This will happen in your life time. So why is it dumb to add robots in Gears? The story jumped a generation ahead. It’s a natural progression where science and technology is going to develop in any world. What do you expect in a world that jumps into the future? How do you expect the COG to police the criminals and the outsiders?

What’s interesting about Robots is that the Swarm is able to naturally adapt and corrupt technology. How is that “un-gears like” ?

Credit to Shadowz who is usually very optimistic in his views of the series. It’s likely future Gears games will look into space and possibly prequels. Who remembers the “Kings and Wizards” reference by Del? What the hell is all that about. There’s a lot to this universe that can be more than just 1 thing.

Whether that can be tied to a story not to far removed from the core of Gears remains to be seen and if it will be implemented in a suitable way.


I agree with alot of what you said, but TCs gears is far from perfect. I think 5s campaign suffered due to Act IIIs sand simulator and “the choice”. if we had an extra act where we would play as JD and work with Fahz during those 4 months before Act II and as a result, move Act IIs new hope to Act III and have Vasgar follow the traditional linear gears storyline, Vasgar would be moved to Act IV. and the original Act IV would become Act V. as well as that, the choice would be removed and we could have gears 6 to build more on new delta.

with these changes, I think 5 would look alot better and many of us would feel 5 to be a big upgrade from 4. the open world segment could remain in Act II as I feel its more superior to Act III, I like that TC wanted us to try out gears in an open world setting and I think it could work, but it needs to be more attention grabbing and interactive, it was skiff simulator for the most part, maybe im bias against II just because gears 2 is my favorite campaign and II has alot to do with Hollow Storm/2 but it has potential.
Im not writing it off just yet but TC it needs work.

Sand Overworld made Act III fun though, cant lie about that.


I don’t often agree with you. But I agree with you.

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get one of those “it’s un-Gears” people to define what is and isn’t Gears. It just comes across as a general and meaningless slur really.


cant forget when people say TCs gears arent “dark and gritty”, like 3 wasnt dark and gritty and its an amazing campaign, not my fav but its a solid finale to the trilogy.
putting a grey filter over your game doesnt make it good, it just adds to the game.


While. I understand that Deebees and the Swarm is canon to the series. I have a few points to shed about why some of us gears vets prefer the Locust.

  1. The Deebees, (especially in Gears 4 ) Hardly have any reaction to our bullets, they do not stagger, stumble, or even care about us walking up to them with a chainsaw revved. There is little to no variety to them, especially in Gears 4.

  2. The Swarm, while a great addition imo. Can be quite unbalanced, and even blatantly busted at times, such as when a Claw two-shots you across the map, all because they decided to hip-fire you.

  3. Juvies - Juvies, are supposed to be the equal to Gears’ Wretches, however. Lacks the finesse as to their pack mentality. You can simply hold a chainsaw out, and they will never attempt to attack you if you’re standing in a corner. The Wretches however, can scream, jump, and even strafe to avoid your attacks alongside bomb-rushing you in a group, making a chainsaw useless.

  4. Leeches - Leeches are… Well. They’re supposed to be this game’s equal to the ’ Tickers. ’ However, they do not provide enough of an explosion to make them matter enough in gameplay, and it feels as though they’re just a sad imitation of the exploding, death-bombs on insect-legs. Not to mention they do not eat weapons, nor grenades to become supercharged.

  5. Scions, - Scions are however, the games equal to Gears iconic " Boomers. " And while they use some of the same weapons, they don’t have as much of a warning, if at all to them firing their weapon, they do not even yell " Boom. " Either. Nor do they feel as tanky as the giant, lumbering tanks. They do not use cleavers, either.

  6. Drones - There isn’t much to be said about the grunts of the locust army, nor the swarm however, they lack variety in their weaponry, only using just the hammerburst for their normal counterparts, and just the Claw for their elites. There is no lancer or even retro anywhere to be seen to restock, and resupply from.

  7. The Sentinels / Guardians - The Flying ones are simply purely annoying, and a blatantly overpowered version of the Shriekers From Gears of war 3, not to mention the regenerating shields can make for an ammo dump. While they do not suicide bomb, they are still incredibly annoying to fight. Especially if your team isn’t coordinated enough.

  8. The Bastions. - Also annoying, however, they fit into a fine line of being similar to the Medic, from Team Fortress 2. They may hide around corners, and keep their target permanently invulnerable, forcing players to either wait it out, or be forced to expose themselves to try, and take out the Bastions.

  9. The Wakatu. - While the Wakatu fits into a finer boss selection as to being unique, it feels as though it can be a discount version, and yet a more overpowered version of the Savage Corpsers from Gears Of War 3, alongside the Tempest in certain circumstances. Both fly, dig, and even stall for time. However, I do not have much to say about it, as I enjoy this boss fight.


good points, Im a big sentinel hater lol

i was about to say the same thing :grin: :laughing:

It’s ok. It’s a big discussion and people are going to have their 2 cents on it.

In truth, while I was talking about lore, I’m also talking about gameplay and multiplayer.
I like that the Swarm is a new and different enemy type from the Locust and tbh have no interest in the Locust in new Gears. Locust is great but we have had 4 games on it already and the story is done. The universe of Gears needs to go on and the thread is to establish that the Swarm is not ■■■■ in any way AND that the Swarm is yet to grow to it’s final form in Gears 6.

I think I get you.
All the old school gears fans trying to bring it back to the locusts/ ermegernce wars . Are more of a detriment than an asset.
While I agree, I think there is a middle ground, the swarm are a great enemy, snatching up humans to fight for them, I dig it. And I’d rather have that than falling back to what has been.
I think having these events while furthering the swarm storyline is actually a good idea.

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I have no issue going back for a prequel for more locust, mainly i want to see some unsung heroes get their moments like Valera, there is 14 years of content TC can use and some old epic games characters they can use but new characters are always welcome. TC has shown they can make likable new characters (Gabe, Sid, Fahz, etc)

but going back before finishing up their storyline is a bit insulting imo, the swarm storyline isnt finished yet and everybody is ready to jump ship before we see 6.

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Agreed. Coalition are very good at creating new characters. Lizzie, Fahz, Keegan, Lanhi, Mac. All good welcome additions to G5. And yes, even adding retro active characters such as Sid, Gabe, too.

I forgot about the Hivebusters, yeah great characters. I read (listened) to the comics and Mac grew on me. Id say Keegan is the more weaker character between the 3, I originally thought he would be the coolest considering hes the last of his kind, a locust war Onyx Guard.

My moneys on Lahni making an appearance in Ephyra Rising, the new gears novel.and im totally for it, i want to know more about those Locust killsquads.


Personally I think TC had the similar concept to Locust that lead them to create the New Type of Enemies “Swarm” because we don’t have any Things / Details about Niles Samson in GOW 2, so it really makes Sense to TC on what they design “Swarm” as Gears-Enemies and have explanation in GOW 5.

In PvE, TC desgin them as More Aggressive than the Locust in my experience, but a little but weaker. On the other hand, the DBs Type are Really Strong that sometimes makes the Horde / Escape as a challenge.

I as a GOW 1 starting player, I do enjoy the New Types of Enemies, not to say Locust is bad, but there’s pointless to have comparison which type is better if you’re opened mind.

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I honestly miss the hollow creatures more then the Locust. Bloodmounts, Tickers, Reavers etc. That lambent countermeasure weapon was a little too thorough in killing off anything with imulsion in its body. The Swarm would’ve been a lot more threatening if they also comanded there own slew of critters, that Hydra creature in campaign gave me some serious Riftworm vibes for example.


Some of TCs swarm designs are great, (Imago and Warden) the Warden was an instant fav of mine. and I always loved the goofiness of the Imago. 4s swarm was a bit lackluster but their upgrade in Act III was much better, they looked more cooler.


at the moment, it does suck that they only have a couple of big creatures but im sure in 6, Myrrahs gonna be pumping out some new creatures.

I ain’t ready to jump ship. I do find the storyline of 5 really interesting. The background of the locust and what why where I want more of it.
Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the backflash to tactics though.
I am a bit afraid that TC wants to please everyone and is unsure how to do it though.

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That seems to be a problem with TC anyways, try to please everyone and you will end up pleasing no one.

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me neither but you see all the comments, im sure most of them have money saved to pre-order 6 as well :rofl:

sad but true, pvp was perfect in the beginning to middle of op 5 and then we got the tuning… :pensive:
I play a heck of alot more pve then pvp now and I wonder where the complaints for the op 5 tuning came from lol.

I hope so, enemy variety seems to be a major weak point with the Swarm.