Thinking of hosting a noob class in horde

Title says it.
Would make mics a requirement and I would be an engineer.
But basically to start teaching people the basics.

  1. If there is an engineer it’s important to deposit as much as possible at first. Emphasis on at first.

  2. Engineer are the one in charge of placing barriers, sentries, and decoys.

  3. Barriers over lvl2 are a waist of resources.

  4. Weapons lockers are for those who donates.

  5. Just because you choose to play as Jack does not mean the forge will be the first thing built.

  6. Play to your class strengths.

My thinking is. The more we can get the noobs taught the basics the more it can spread to other noobs.

Thoughts? And anything else that should be gone over.

Good luck. I think you’re overestimating people’s ability to learn though! :smiley:


I figure it would be a very big stretch. Especially considering most people never like to think of themselves as noobs. But, I’ll set up a public game tomorrow and see how that goes.

Depends on the map, cover-blocking with Laser-barriers is really neat on certain maps - Checkout or Allfathers are good examples.


Good point. I was thinking hosting it on all fathers bc of that exception.
Don’t need everyone getting killed by juvies!

Stopping at 1 is typically good enough.
Level 2 ones can create obstruction due to how they’re raised in some spots.


Is there going to be any other sort of instruction or guidance?

Those are just the main things I keep seeing when a non re-uped person joins.
If you have more ideas or other things to go into let me know!

Let them play. Let them feel how hopless they are coming in at a low level. Don’t get caught up in how they effect your game. When they ask for help, then offer it.

I think what some of the problem is that the chat system got turned off for every one. So most of these people never actually end up knowing they are offered advice.

  1. Guess I’d agree.
  2. Agree with that one too (some exceptions like optimizing a bit here and there).
  3. Not necessarily and actually even lvl 2 are a waste due to their obstruction behaviors as someone else pointed out. Just felt that yesterday on Bunker, these lvl2s are such a pain to work with…
  4. So if I’m Jack and only donate I get one? Nah… don’t even need one as Blademaster/Brawler/Veteran/etc. Really just down to the most powerful one usually (like Demo).
  5. I don’t even want a Forge since OP5 anymore lol, just unnecessarily extends the duration of the match.
  6. Agreed (unless I want to test stuff like I recently did with Jacks Hijack)
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It can be fine for them to place some barriers, or even spend their power on them, themselves if, and only if, they know what they’re doing. I was Baird on the daily yesterday, with a Demo and some other DPS classes, and was at first perplexed as to why they were buying and placing lvl 2 barriers first wave instead of giving me the power and letting me use my discount. Then they all went in decent spots. Precision repairs was still working on them, so it didn’t matter much that they had done them instead of me. The main upside, to me, was it saved me a ton of time from having to place them all my self. On a difficult map such as Regency, that can make a big difference but not so much on this map. The Demo directly upgraded one of my lockers too instead of letting me do it. Same result.

Sure, could have saved some power by letting me do all buying and upgrades, but by the end we had so much power, and like I said precision repairs was doing its job, so it didn’t matter. Who am I to tell these guys what to spend their power on so long as they’re doing their job killing bosses? Now, some caveats: If I had been Del, we’d have been losing something, namely effects of my Armor Plating, Reinforced Fabs and Overclocked Locker, but with Baird its ok since he doesn’t have reinforced fabs and his cards, overclock and precision repairs are global. Further, the team needs to know what they’re doing, otherwise this could go bad quickly. Having extensive previous experience playing engi helps, which I assume they had.

Pretty sure enemies can still be shot through them, at least it seems that way to me. Don’t think they’ve ever caused me to miss a shot. For Del, he can be fine with lvl 1s in most cases, because he has Armor plating and Reinforced Fabs buffing his lvl 1s to nearly lvl 2s anyway, but Baird and the other engi can benefit more by opting for Lvl 2s due to the increased health and damage resistance they possess. Also as has been noted, the lvl 2s are a necessity when poison flushers mod is on because lvl 1s get destroyed in seconds. This is regardless of which engi you’re playing.

The amount you save on not upgrading to level 2 can sometimes be put into perks to help the health of the barrier. Hooowever, I can see where you’re coming from.
I often find issues with shooting leeches with level 2, sometimes larger things if the side of the barrier is in the way.

To me this comes down to not trusting the engineering to get the job done.
When I’m an engineer on daily I try to get out at least 3 barriers quickly and down near the fabricator so that others can see I’m willing to build for the team.
Bc also getting lockers up on the cheap side for the dps characters should be the next priority.

I try to place them so that the ends that obstruct are out of the firing line as much as possible.
Like in hallways I put them diagonally.

^Quote was an accident, ignore.

First time I read this topic’s name, I instantly thought about how the teacher be like: “STOP! NOO, STOP! VETERANS DO NOT BUY A BARRIER! BAD VETERAN! BAAAD VETERAN!”

As Del, I’ve got in the habit of being proactive buying a locker first because there were instances in the past when someone would buy his own locker in the beginning not only end up spending more, but end up missing out on my overclock, health, and damage resistances. That habit carried over to when I play Baird too, but I suppose it’s not so important anymore that I buy first since his cards are global.

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I like to play as the astronaut bc his no is “dumb a$$”.

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The problem is especially in regards to using explosives. I was Pilot yesterday and the issue was that sometimes the Dropshots just didn’t even do a sliver of damage even if the enemy was right next to the blast simply because the barrier was blocking it off. They have some really wonky hitboxes.

Does seem like they block splash damage. Also seems like splash damage off cover is reduced.