Think your favorite class was ruined in OP5? Maybe not

First of all let me say I’m not a fan of the changes to certain classes in OP5, Kait and JD especially, but they aren’t actually ruined. They just require very different tactics and cards to be “tough” again.

For Kait, I am using Laceration, Blood Resonance, Reaper, Enhanced Stim, and then the 5th card custom gnasher or cloak batteries, etc. The main point being with her new passive ability you can bum rush many enemies and blow thru them with her stim and damage resistance.

This load out works, but I still think her bleed being <5 m is just too stingy. 10 m or less, please TC!!

JD, however, I’m actually having some fun with.

It turns out with JD’s new passive, it changed the behavior of the Spotter support card. He can personally mark 5 targets and hit all 5 with artillery volleys, which is cool.

But I’ve found that if I don’t mark 5 targets, but mark at least 2+, with the spotter support card it’ll drop MULTIPLE ROUNDS of artillery on each target.

Example: I marked a Warden and Swarmak, Spotter support dropped 3 artillery rounds on the Swarmak, 2 on the Warden. Not 3 rockets, 3 VOLLEYS of rockets. Fun stuff!

I still do think since JD’s bonus grenade card is rare and everyone else’s is common it should also give him GL rounds. At least that would be “fair”.

But if you think a class is ruined, mess around with the cards in OP5, you might find they can still be good.


Should’ve given that card to Sarah Connor.


Absolutely agreed it would actually make the class with playing.

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Thanks for the Post Claw,

Trying to get people to see that Demo and Infiltrator are still good, but just play different. So helping get the word out is much appreciated.



My favourite Class was ruined in OP 4, so makes little difference to me.
On another note, i got to admit i like what The Coalition have done. Mostly.
I am still upset about the Fabricator being wide open, Noobs making MG Sentries because they can, and all that.
Choosing your own character to play, is a win for me. As for the Classes and Sub Classes, i am wondering if it would have been better if The Coalition made the Classes custom made by the player. For example, if i wanted to play a Tank, i would be able to choose from any of the Skill Cards linked to that Class, either a solid version, or hybrid. Of course that would mean separating all Skill Cards in to sections, Tank, DPS, Sniper, Engineer and Medic. Sounds a better idea, well, to me it does.

My 2 favorite classes didn’t change so there’s that

Maybe I haven’t figured it out yet but Marcus/veteran struggles now. I’m not seeing a lot of people select his class in master games these days.

I was wondering if something had changed with the class’s ult since i did a game on masters today. I used it across the map on a boss so i wasn’t able to see it go off multiple times however i got my ult back insanely quick. By the time a used the ult it was back within 5 seconds of use .

There was also another demo in a different game using their ult on one target and could hear it repeat 4 different times. I thought it was an audio glitch i was wondering what the hell was going on xD.

The Demolitions class is still very strong. The artillery is great, pop officers prerogative on it and it becomes stupidly strong. I’ve still posted 8/9 million damage on the full 50 waves like I did pre-op5. You cant just spam Boomshots and GLs anymore, and the behaviour I thought it was going to bring hasn’t materialised (yet).

Infiltrator does require a drastically different style of play, one of which I’m not too comfortable with personally. But that’s just me. I might try it out in a few weeks after I see more people playing in this style.