Think I'm done with Exe

This game has already slowed down somewhat with the addition of increased Lancer damage and stopping power… But holy crap, it goes to an entirely different level of slow / camp in Execution.

People take absolutely no chances. The number of people waiting around corners to poke out and gib is insane. The moment there’s a man advantage, I encountered many teams that ball up and begin to hunt down the survivors. It just felt like there was no energy in it, at all. It was a game of hiding, and balling together towards the end of every round.

I had planned on getting every game mode other than Escalation to Masters, but I legit think I’m gonna’ pass on it. Currently Diamond 1 and it is straight grinding my gears!

What sucks is I love the lack of aim-assist in that playlist… I want that shotgun, but in all other play-lists.

What are your guys’ thoughts!? I could maybe understand some liking the tension of only one life, but damn, it just seems so slow.

Welcome to Gears and execution.

I played it a fair amount in Gears 4, but it seemed different… I think it may be a combination of the Lancer’s increased power, the game mode, AND the newer maps having substantial power positions… I feel like many of the maps play like Gridlock. Bunker, Icebound, DISTRICT! God, I hate district! The fact that the main building has angles IN EVERY DIRECTION more or less… I love me some maps like Canals. I never truly feel safe, and I don’t feel as though there is a fortress for me to take over.

IDK… I may give it one more shot, but damn, it wiped me out mentally tonight.

Don‘t give up man, the best Gears Players Play execution. I always lose because of Bad Team mates. The People i get are playing like they didn‘t even play the tutorial. :smile: that is what i hate about execution because every mate counts there