Things that will revive gears

Bring back “Black Steel” , 6v6, ranked, make the tour system time based, and buff the gnasher for close range nerf the reach. Also this game needs dedicated servers.

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Doubt except for the last one, for me anyway

Slow down movement mechanics, e.g., slide, slip, bounce, etc.


I’m convinced this tuning was the last nail in the coffin… they just need to fire everyone.

@TC_Sera I need to have words with the higher ups…


-Consistent weapon tuning. They change tuning way too much. It puts people off from the game
-Better ranked game mode options (add guardian)
-Variety of pickup weapons (we barely ever see the claw, breaker mace, or GL in ranked)
-Change map voting (people vote for the same maps over and over).

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The new tuning is absolutely terrible. Who tf is making these decisions over at TC?!? It was in a good place where it was. Why the need to change it…?


I don’t know.

It’s so ATROCIOUS… I’m really turned off gears now…


Operation 5 did revive gears somewhat, loads more were online according to steam and how quick it took to find games again.

They’ve just shot themselves in the foot now with the tuning. bravo TC,