Things that need to stop

Stop the challenge, win a vs on - - - - -map, it literally takes hours to get the map you need, if you don’t need to do a challenge on the map you get it plenty of times, I played a few matches and district was a choice a few times, but now I need to win a match on district its been hours trying to get the stupid map.
Also need to stop throwing us in to games that are half over or end as soon as you enter the game.

Micro transactions need to stop. As for what you are asking, you would be better off agreeing Tour of Duty is sheet. I very much prefer the Gears of War 4 way, earn it by time spent in the game, and any mode you choose, or feel comfortable with.


Agreed, there’s a lot of things that need to stop and should of never happened. The biggest one is TC needs to be revamped or turn over to another company. They have done a couple good things but they’ve ruined a lot more. All the things they’re fixing in their “phase” are things the community told them from the beginning.

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Can’t you just play co op vs for the map you want it’s almost guaranteed win.

Yes you can play vs AI, but you still need to hope that the map you need comes up. I spend 45 minutes just backing out of games trying to get the map I needed. Same for the 3 previous days. it’s bullsht


Maybe it is not TCs attention that any target can be done right away without any hassle?

That said I hate them too. But not when I have to wait 45mins for a map which isn’t a problem as it will still happen today. It really ■■■■■ me up when they force me to play the ■■■■■■■ boring Escape 6 times in a row (12 chapters). For what??? To show me how great it is???

I think there’s a hidden algorithm in the programming. It looks at all the modes you play then increases the chances of popping out dailies for other game modes to try to get people to play everything. I wouldn’t put it past them.
When overwatch came out Blizzard got caught with a loot box program. If you bought loot boxes your chances of getting the good ■■■■ were raised and lowered if you unlocked them normally. To get people to buy more loot boxes.
Destiny 2 had an exp cap when it first came out. After playing for like an hour a limiter kicked in. Whatever exp it said you got you really only got like 2% of that amount. Bungie snuck it in there to make it harder to lvl up to get people to buy loot boxes.
As for gears, I’m glad the loot boxes are gone but the MTX is still pretty heavy. I would not be surprised if the dailies are rigged the way they are to get people to play other modes. There’s a lot of skins you wouldn’t pick up if you only played horde.

Loot Boxes are gone, thats good. On the other hand in 4 it was possible to collect considerable amount of IG money to buy them “for free” (by playing). Now I very rarely get iron, can only buy it.

At least we get cards for the classes we play as. I remember playing engineer and getting ■■■■ for sniper in gears 4. I also remember how long RNG took to give me explosive head shot. Now we are guaranteed to unlock that once we reach the lvl requirements.

Yeah thats cool.

To be honest there are a lot of good changes in Gears 5, even many things that I was really hoping for. However they are often not presented in a good way.

I do not think this algorithm works well at all, i dislike to hate PvP, so no reason to give me challenges for that one, i am not a fan at all of Escape, and if there is any game mode not Gears of War, that is that, so no reason to give me challengers for that too. I am an exclusive Horde, even if it is a steaming pile of foodoo.
You only get to skip one a day for free too, so that is a major pain.