Things that need to be said

Bring back sawed off and stop giving the gnasher that one shot kill range -basically change the gears damage profile like gears 1.

Bring back all classic maps and wingman

Bring back the start up weapons like hammerburst and retro

Would be nice to mount 2 frags on the walls again

Also maybe bring back the smoke knockdown effect from gears 2

Make the game less cartoony and star wars. And make it gears again. That dark gritty horror film style. Like mansion is map That’s a great example.

And call it gears of war. Not gears, sounds like a kinect friendly title. Not even call of duty degrades it’s own style to create a wider audience.

The game is MUCH better since rod left and ms came to ruin it.


Sawed off would actually be fun to use. Just replace the overkill with it. It’s an inferior weapon anyway.


Did everyone despise the Sawed Off a couple years ago? Why does everyone want it now?


Yup, the salt the Sawed-off could create was delicious. Never recieved so much hatemail again.

No, it’s not. Slightly too weak in PvE but in PvP the OVK ■■■■■ all over the Gnasher.


To each their own I guess but imo it isn’t satisfying to use or even look at.

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I loved it back then, mostly because of the hate mail I’d get. Nothing like cleaning out the whole hill with one well timed blast


Ah yes, the salt…

I learned many slurs from angry ranked nerds, great times.


Sawed Off was annoying and I personally hate it because it promotes corner camping way more than Gnasher does. I Still think if its in demand it should come back though, give people more options if thats what they want I guess. I just can’t stand that hiding around corner camp, I wanna make a comp of me just getting blasted by it but I’d have to record all the time.

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Bring Guardian back to ranked!!

Now I agree 100%

Long Live Guardian!!!


Amen… I’m sick of 5v2’s, 5v3s or 4v2’s lol


I miss the detailed and grounded gore of the first two games look at gears 1 and 2 when you gibed someone with the gnasher they would fall back with half their body split not fly into 10 pieces across the map for weapons like the bow I get it but it can look dumb at times and what’s with the missing bones and guts??? Its a small thing but I really miss the feel of it. :neutral_face:


I would like the sawn off to come back. But changed a lot. Should be far less effective. If not…atleast put it in horde.

It is a straight up sin IMO that they took the Hammerburst out of loadout back in g4. I’m still salty af about it.

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The sawed off should have been a pick up weapon. The problem was that everyone had access to the gun via loadout. If you put that bi*** in the middle of a map as a pickup with 4 to 5 shots in that bad boy then I wouldn’t even bat an eye.


I agree with everything aside from Smoke Grenade knock downs and Retro as a starting weapon. Both of those were NOT fun.

  • Hammerburst should come back as a starting weapon choice. It needs to be balanced though, which hasn’t been since Gears 4

  • I’m okay with double nade plants seeing as how, imo, frags are horrible, especially planted ones.

  • Sawed Off should return (weapon pick-up OR loadout). I found this gun super fun to use. I never started with it, but I loved picking it up off dead players as a secondary shotgun.


Absolutely NO to planting 2 grenades.

It made the game super campy, nobody wanted to run around because there were nades planted all over.

And the smoke knock down… Are you kidding? Everyone hated that.



Not bad now that tac com highlights them through walls (which is debatable in itself); but the change to only one planted frag was a great improvement.

Double ink grenades :joy: that was a sick joke.

Yeah I don’t know any of my friends that was for knock down smoke… but that did make some of the best GoW2 memories I have with how hilarious they were when used on stairs…


There! I said it!

There’s a lot to be said about this game but sadly TC doesn’t seem to listen. This game has the potential to be so awesome and make TC and Microsoft A LOT of money.

Horde and escape are both pretty good in my opinion. I think if they made better rewards for beating certain challenge gives, the modes would be a ton better. The toxic slime skins were fun to play for back in op 2 (or 3 idk). I don’t know why they stopped doing this. I like that characters and classes are separate now. It was a bad decision to have them linked in the first place.

Campaign is okay. I really like act 1 and 4, but act 2 and 3 are very boring. The open world concept didn’t seem to work well with gears and the skiff was SO BORING TO DRIVE. Making Kait the protagonist was not a good idea. Maybe for an act or 2, but for almost the entire game?? No. Nobody cares about Kait or Del.

Versus is by far the biggest issue with the game. The game launched TERRIBLY and a lot of veteran players and even new players were scared off by this. Many of my friends have uninstalled this game and refuse to install it again. The store sucked, the ranking system sucked, the tuning and movement sucked, the maps sucked. We were finally getting new maps and a decent ranking system (I know people still don’t like it). The ranked modes are very limited right now (probably due to the low player base and complicated ranking system they’ve implemented). The versus was finally in a decent spot and what do they do. A complete reversal of the weapon tuning and movement… Why? Is this really necessary over a year after launch? No other video game has this many changes to game mechanics and weapon balance, especially since the game has been out so long.

TC really needs to get their **** together. Otherwise this franchise is done for.


I thought the subject of generalizing opinions as incorrect “universal truths” was discussed often enough on this forum.