Things that need to be addressed to keep the game healthy!

The coalition really need to start listening because there are alot of people leaving gears 5 streamers are now moving to other games and even older gears interations. they have to address this B Button it’s getting abused beyond belief in these competitive games and in ranked constantly it is not fun and makes the whole experience unenjoyable, it is the most braindead mechanic to ever be put into gears with the lunge and lock on being ridiculous, and yes I could abuse this mechanic but I don’t have fun doing it and I never will, there’s more the lancer needs damage reduction because this is all people use in ranked aswel and there needs to be some sort of balance nerf to this this is a support weapon and shouldn’t get you kills so easily, but wait there is more Aim assist and bullet magnetism need to go we’ve never had this before so why now !? This makes movement non existent something gears players have worked on and crafted the art of for many years. And yes you guessed it there is more for anyone from the EU (Europe) the ping on escalation and execution is unplayable constantly 100 ping games and with the inconsistency of the shotgun this only makes things worse, we are over a month into the game and still the servers are this bad!! I won’t sit here and say ‘I’m leaving gears for good’ or ‘I’m not playing your game anymore’ because that’s just what people say for attention because guess what people like me and 1000’s more who love gears no matter how bad the game is will stay and play it and that’s the difference, because the newbies and the causal gamers will find something else after a month or 2 and with COD coming up in less then a week gears is in trouble!! If I could say one thing to the coalition it would be stop trying to cater to all the different types of gamers just focus on what has made gears great in the past and stick to it because cramming it all in to make the newbies, casual, competitive and pros happy isn’t working and when all the newbies and casual gamers leave in a few months the one’s you pushed the game towards guess who’s left with the pieces the real gears fans like myself. This isn’t healthy for gears and it needs to be fixed ASAP

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there just too much to fix at this point and not holding my breath on them changing gears 5 casual back to gears.

it sucks but it time to move away from shooters games


I agree with everything you wrote bro. Check out my post on Splitting the player base. Just click my pic and it should take you to all my posts

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Since they’ve obviously tried to cater to newer fans, they, at minimum, should’ve had the melee action in it’s on playlist. Long time Gears fans absolutely hate this, and it makes no sense to have added it.

I still believe they’ll remove it, or take it out of Ranked, eventually.