Things I Wish Were Different About Gears 5

There aren’t many. I pretty much love Gears in general since the first one. I dreamed about gears coming to pc for years and I am so happy it’s finally hear. Tho, I which we had 2 and 3 too. I hear they are good games.

Now, having said that. The only few things I think they should do better is pay attention to successful CoOp games like left 4 dead for example. Not many kind of gameplay modes. Basically to the point. But, most importantly keeps you moving. Not one map is in one place for 50 waves for example. I love horde don’t get me wrong. But, I think for coop there should be some kind of mode that is not the single player coop or horde. Something like escape in a big scale. Where you have to go thru obstacles through the city or map.

Now, my last complain is about the store. You have to be careful what you put in there, not just everything. Some skins should only be acquired by dedication and thru gameplay. Skins that you would have to work it in order to get them. Now everything is in store. Nothing is amazing or respectable. I remember games like Firefall, where you saw someone with amazing gear in your raid and people would respect the hell out of that person. Cause it took him hours upon hours of gameplay to get or build those gears. Before the gold skin was something to be proud of. Now anyone can get it from the store. I remember it took me 10 reups to get all the equipment’s I have in gold and they were not all of them. I was still missing a few. Of course not anymore since I bought them. I love the store, but, you have to be careful what you put in there. If not you cheapen the experience.

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