Things I want in operation 5

go ahead my friend @Hu1k_Daddy happy gaming, im right now at work, but Ill start downloading it and learn the basics, for sure Ill send you a DM here and well get around to play :slight_smile: count of it

thanks @Hu1k_Daddy

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Sounds a bit too complex to make work right, like obviously a Gears 6 idea but its hard to imagine how it would be implemented and whether or not it would be rewarding/fun.

I do really like the idea of a meta game going on though, Gears has always had one of the most simple PvP offerings.

Of course my friend,

The people are the reason I love Gears so much. With it being rather bland now is why I’m like very guys wanna try something else?

Anyway thanks again for the nice words.:+1:

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Dunno what your problem is because at no point did i say TC’s version of Horde is trash and for the record, i think this new version of horde is really good fun, it’s pretty much all i’ve played since the end of OP3 but there are a lot of players who love Horde who don’t and continue to play the old games.

You think i’m being disrespectful ? It’s pretty tame compared to a lot of what i read on these forums and i was just responding to the topic question about what i’d like from OP5. Sorry you disagree

Alternatively, I’d be happy if TC added some new specialist COG Gear characters based around current or past PVE classes/roles such as “soldier”, “heavy”, “scout”, “engineer”, sniper", “tank” etc, and for them to have distinctly different armour designs. So a “heavy” could have a grenade belt around their waist or chest and have a armoured collar/faceshield; or a “scout” could have shotgun shells attached to a wrist gauntlet, lighter armour and larger eye visors (greater visibility for CQC); the “engineer” could have a toolbelt, extra pouches and a welding mask-esque helmet etc.


Could we dare for both maybe?

That would be cool.


I just want to have Anya back. Don’t care what else they do but would love a fix to the bugs with the “alternate fire” on the Lancers (and all the general bugs lol). Hate having to take cover when retro charging because I got slightly near it and reloading instead of sawing.

  • Scrap duplicate cards for coins. Give me something for these meaningless 100 duplicates I have of Keegan’s Healing Module, among other cards.
  • Better drop rates for purple cards. It’s really getting annoying constantly getting more duplicates of already maxed out gold cards rather then the usually more important purple ones.
  • Better rewards for good Escape times. Making an Escape immeasurably harder on yourself to get a “better time” and to then only get rewarded a measly amount of coins is just not worth the effort.
  • Make Lahni in Escape great again. She’s not too great right now.
  • More cards for 1-50 Horde. The time spent versus the reward isn’t worth it currently.
  • Perhaps an achievement for mastering all Escapes. Can’t believe that isn’t a thing yet.
  • The Re-up XP requirements. I shouldn’t have to be spending so much of my gaming time grinding just to see any kind of progress.

To add to this they need to fix exploits/glitches (where players are gaming the system to get higher scores) otherwise better rewards feel less attainable/worthless because why bother getting gud when you can just cheat your way to the top?