Things I want in operation 5

Ok first things first we all know that gears 5 had a terrible start and it’s been 1 year already. We should’ve had more maps and more characters a few while ago. They are getting better so this is just my personal opinion for what I want in gears 5

MAPS - Mercy Day One And Jacinto as old maps and 2 new maps for the least. People are constantly voting for checkout and bloodrive. It’s kinda annoying playing on those maps over and over but that just proves how cool those maps are and how much good maps gears 5 is lacking

CHARACTERS- We are getting a good amount of characters in this last op thanks to TC realesing them without horde abilities. Some like it some hate it but we need more and we are lacking some fan favorites. According to what TC said the character system for horde and escape will change so we can expect more characters for op 5(hopefully)
I would like to see Tai Anya Dizzy and Hoffman
And for bad guys Skorge Locust hunter locust miner and maybe queen Reyna.

GAME MODES - I actually want a few new game modes for instance torque bow tag and I forgot the name lol but that mode from gears 2 where you have to capture the stranded hostage and I would also like a gears version of search and destroy. But for op 5 I think Beast mode would be a nice comeback. Cause if you play as jack u can see that some a the functions are there to control the swarm creatures. It should be like horde frenzy but 1 team as Cog and 1 team as Swarm that would be pretty awesome.

GAME UPDATE- okay after the recent tuning the gameplay is somewhat better but it’s not perfect. Nothing is ever perfect but gears 5 can me better.
I would like to see better gore. From gears 1 to 3 the gore has been amazing but now it looks a bit childish. The Gears coins shop is amazing But they release skins out of order. The desert armor skin is not finished since op 1 the winter swarm skins are forgotten and so forth. I think they should release skins in a set. The gnasher for me at this point is perfect I hope they don’t change it but the lancer for me kinda sucks. Lowering the damage was fine but the spread is too much and makes the lancer sometimes a bit useless. We should just spawn with snubs and gnashers lol (kidding) making the spread smaller would be a nice improvement. There are some horde and escape abilities taht need updating or improving but I don’t wanna type it all lol. Anyways that’s just my opinion.

Cheers :ok_hand:t2:

I do not think we will get a new mode, a returning one perhaps. Although Submission may be an “easy” one to do, with what we already have.

We want and hopefully will be getting MAPS!!! both new and legacy.

I personally would like more enemy diversity in Horde and objective based waves. Enemies with different weapons, which has been mentioned.

Campaign dlc, I do accept this is so unlikely however.

Returning characters specifically from Judgement and Daddy (Granddaddy Fenix)

On Judgement I feel there are many things that could be used. Because it got so much hate many Gearheads have not seen the maps, characters and weapons. Torquebow traps anyone :wink:


:ok_hand:t2: :+1:t2:

  • Auto-scrap duplicates after level 6.
  • Better RNG for skill cards, like only giving the cards you still need.
  • New maps obviously including River.
  • Campaign DLC.
  • Faster loading times.

I would love if the gestures disappeared.

I mean how sht does it look seeing a locust do a thumbs up etc.

so whack.

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I’d want:

  1. At least 2 brand new original maps (non-Escape tile based; and not remakes of old ones).

  2. At least two remakes of old maps (but not just direct copies, I want them to include some new - at the very least for them to look aesthetically different, but ideally with some new areas added). I gather River is strongly rumoured to return.

  3. Two new PVE classes. A Grenadier class would be brilliant.

  4. At least 6 new characters from the remaining characters. Maybe Skorge, Anya, Tai, Dizzy, Prescott and Ukkon? I’d love Hoffman to return but understand that his voice actor is retired from voice work.

  5. Excess skill cards to be converted into Gear Coins and to have a fair exchange rate - e.g.: based on the craft/scrap ratios we had on GOW4 and the previously Supply Drop system - so scraping a legendary will give us 1/4 the Gear Coins it would have cost us if we were crafting it, so in this instance 1000 GC per legendary card.

  6. Horde leaderboards to be used to give players rewards. Featured Horde maps to give out special rewards and to feature specially chosen maps which rotate every so often.

  7. All leaderboards rewards to be revamped and for each tier to be increased so there’s an incentive to go for top 5% etc. Currently in Escape there’s only 250 Gear Coins difference between getting top 5% to being in the top 6-10% bracket.

  8. New mutators to be added to Horde, even if it’s just for time limited events.


5 new maps at least and 2 old maps from Gears 3 at the most.

I hope that it can provide everyone get various ways to earn previous or new items ,include some exclusive items,even though they didn’t on sale in store .And actually not everyone get all they wanted after all.op4 players can only get items from current tour of duty and the store .Tod contents not Just need 2 weeks to finish .And weekly store not provide enough and useful things.

Some judgement maps. Library, Gondola and streets please.


Remove the dropshot and give the digger instead!

Marcus nerfed into the ground.

Other than that it’s more what I don’t want:

I don’t want duplicate classes in pve.
I don’t want more pve classes, we have enough, just use what we have to rebalance and rejig the meta every few months. Adding more just adds to the problem.

I think it depends on what the new classes are. I wouldn’t want a new class which was subtle clone of an existing class. I’d want something that added a new play style to PVE. I’d love for a Grenadier class to be added. I posted some ideas do this in another tread a few weeks ago, but it contained a range of skills which promoted different play styles from DPS using frag grenades, to status effect support using shock and incendiary grenades to using flashbangs to “hack” robotic enemies and turning then friendly for a short while. I thought it eould be nice and versatile and unlike what we currently have.

But I see your point. If we got more of the same as we already have, then what’s the point? It needs to be unique.

For op5 what I want

  • new class pve that are unique like a guardian/dr-1/bastion/ secret locust project like a cog locust

  • new map not a surprise

  • scrap duplicate card lvl 6 as come so even if lvl 7 were to come I prefer to scrap before that to have a choice to where I can put me extra coin

  • jack buff changing play style like new card ability / equips weapon

  • stim rework or buff because right now even in master stim is useless any bullet can one shot it , it’s only use for heal except some character that can have faster stim that they take damage

Before they start adding some new (albeit possible great) classes, they first need to rework/improve some of the existing ones (Halo/Terminator ones in particular)

What I want:

  • New challenges; more modifiers (especially in Horde), new enemy types/variants that add new gameplay, some really difficult PvE achievements (comparable to those crazy PvP ones but not as time consuming I hope), they could even add some stuff to campaign which would be nice long term for when I wanna play it again :slight_smile:

  • Weapons; any legacy weapon that TC could give us would please me, fans been begging for them for many many years. Even though Gears has never done this before I see zero reason why it can’t/shouldn’t be done in GOW5, Could really add lots of replay value and bring back some long time fans if even briefly.

  • Long term rewards/goals: improved reup rewards (nevermind that progression system is awfully slow in Gears 5, even at 6x the amount), some kind of reward for actually doing the achievements (cosmetics is most obvious example), even the Master rank rewards are terrible in Gears 5 currently. Kinda goes back to more challenges but in a different way.

  • GOOD maps; ports are one thing because they are easy to do and are meant to be done in a short timeframe, but new maps or any non port remake needs to be :fire:
    Don’t give me this garbage that River is the only map that deserves a remake when I can think of a dozen or so that would be better, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again but don’t be content with content.

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Fixed for you :wink::+1:

I don’t expect that these things would happen but this would be my wishlist whilst taking into account that the announced horde changes will be happening.

  • A classic horde mode variant, simple in its design and playable on all maps. 5 players, pick a character, start with default weapons, keep the fabricator but it only allows you to buy weapons (since they don’t spawn on the maps), barriers and weapon lockers. Also ditch the robots because they were a bad move. Add the locusts in their place. Also ditch the ultimates and skills for this horde variant. Base player stats only. That should provide enough of a challenge for those that want it, especially without all the crutches on offer currently. Hopefully something like that might pull all my old Gears friends and rivals off of the old gears games.

  • A game clock to be added to Horde mode so i can see how long each game is taking. Also adding seconds to the Time leaderboard would be smart too. Not all speedrunners are bothered about xp and levelling up, just the challenge of being the fastest. They have seconds on Escape mode, why not Horde?

  • A fix for the glitch that can lock your weapon at the end of the wave and prevents a reload, weapon swap or picking up ammo during the dark screen downtime between waves.

  • With the wholesale changes and nerfs coming to Horde Mode, a leaderboard reset might be an idea.

  • Obviously more maps. Would prefer legacy, especially from Gears 2&3 but at this stage, i’d take anything.

  • Dizzy, Tai & Hoffman added to the roster

  • Allow players to register their best times on the Escape leaderboards for all hives, not just the featured ones.

  • Beast Mode because it was the best thing about Gears 3 in my humble opinion.

  • A fix for the permanant notification on the customize button which has been there since i bought the Op1 bundle after Op4 launched.

  • Option to remove the mini map…i mean i’m assuming there isn’t one. If there is, i can’t find it.

As i said, i don’t expect this to happen but some of these would be nice.

Card Scrapping
More Horde Modifiers
25 wave variant of Horde
New Maps

That’s it really.

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first off, please refrain from suggesting anything by saying that TC’s version is trash, it immediately comes off as disrespectful ontop of the amount of legwork that it would require to make your fantasy a reality.

secondly, your not asking for a “classic” horde mode, you are asking for a Gears 5 horde mode but no cards, classic horde mode entails no fortifications no cards no Ultimates, etc.

last but not least “challenge” shouldn’t be created by just removing core components/abilities, it would be like if they removed melee or the ability to get behind cover, sure it would be add difficulty but not in a meaningful way.

Well, here goes.

A custom Gear creation tool. Allowing you to adjust your faceless character. If they really wanted to go all out, add in custom voice work for the player to do. Basically it would be a pre built scrip that you would read into your mic and it would record it to that character for certain in game actions.

A weapon and armor system close to Gears tactics. Allowing you to adjust weapons as needed.

Class system freedom. Giving you the option to play both G4 type of Horde and classic gears.

A faction system. Ok this would be massive to do. So imagine a sera world map. There would be 4 factions to select to join. Outsiders, COG, locust and lambent. Each faction as bonuses and minuses. This could be really fleshed out but here is the thing. You and your chosen faction battle it out to see who at the end of each week are the champs for that week. This would like a vs game mode but for faction power and more land owned. All land battles would just be game maps that you fight for.

Lastly, a custom game server for testing and being able to do whatever you wanted. No game progress would be saved on this but could make for some crazy stuff. Imagination take off.

And I have more but that’s it for now. If they wanted TC could really make a Gears that better than ever. It’s just a matter of making it happen.


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that won’t happened man TC doesn’t have the heart to materialize such amazing ideas…

I better learn to play SEA OF THIEVES and help you on your quest to be the best Pirate in the world.



I’m about start playing here soon with my son. So if you have game pass, get Yaaarrrr done!

lol :+1:

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