Things I need in this game!

I need the coalition to bring back some of the original weapons. Especially, booshka! Bring it back. I’d love a short campaign that introduces us to Gabe Diaz. Fahz needs a remodel so the sniper is more like Gears 4.

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…original…from the tragic pile of sht that was judgement…hardly from the ORIGINAL game

Sure would be nice, but… I’m pretty sure Tactics and Bloodlines already do that, to a degree anyway. Plus, I don’t know how much of him we’d get to see of him after the Locust War because (spoiler below)


He dies of Rustlung when Kait was just 10 years old, at an unspecified date, one that cannot be found without either knowing Kait’s age at the time of Gears 4/5 or when Kait was born, both of which are things I suspect are things we’ll never find out. I guess it would be a potential way of giving more details on Gabe’s life as an Outsider before his death. And Kait’s childhood, but I don’t think that would really do much else for her character or the story to know more about it, unless it still has an influence on how she makes decisions.

Minor side note, the COG apparently also has a file for Kait in its archives now, whatever the reason for that may be. I suspect that it’s probably also not going to be the most sought out document there after Jinn became aware of her being Myrrah’s granddaughter.

Definitely would like that but I feel as if TC isn’t going to do that because they’re so fond of their “balance” and not making things OP(except JD, lf course), most apparent in the way explosive headshots now sometimes doesn’t even seem to kill Drone size enemies with a single explosion, or the Dropshot’s nerfing into oblivion.

It did introduce some cool weapons though, like the Booshka and markza. The campaign was also pretty fun despite it’s flaws.