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They're fixing bairds bleeding fences

I’ve played a ton of JD. People aren’t complaining that JD isn’t important - they are complaining that he’s too singularly powerful. Particularly once his cards are upgraded. Give a mostly upgraded JD a weapon locker to rotate Lancer GLs and Boomshots, and he can otherwise easily solo an entire round of Horde on Master difficulty from the safety of your base.

Bastion? One Boomshot to shield. Boss? If it isn’t a Swarmak, JD’s Ultimate will erase it in one shot. If it is a Swarmak? Follow up with a few Boomshots to weak points. Everything else? One shot with GL spam.

The biggest challenge I encounter with JD, is people getting mad at you for “taking” their kills, haha.


Well, I was using their own words. They called it an exploit because it was an unintended effect not listed in the skill’s description. Its existence didn’t bother me a lot as if I had played any Horde matches during its existence, I would just have asked for it to not be used if a Baird was present.

I also didn’t exclude that they may have used it to generate more money through either selling Baird or Boost for the character XP grind.

That reminds me that apparently at some point Lizzie’s Sisters to the End skill worked in Horde even when the entire team was alive, contrary to the skill description(unless it has been changed for Horde specifically). Is that still a thing or has it been stealth fixed? Haven’t made use of it myself(I find having the Silverback in use every wave would kind of take away from the uniqueness of it so I use another skill in its place), so I wouldn’t know nor really get affected by it.

Still works as last I tried. Popped it halfway through an escape match (same point it’s always become active). Not sure if I hit cover or what with the salvo, but the game disconnected all of us.

Rookie mistake I guess.

I consider exploits like the infinite power glitch or the ability to kill teammates in horde. I think a card doing something not fully described as just being part of the game.

Lots of people called speed runs exploits, but TC allowed certain runs saying that they only fixed the real easy ones. The others were fair game.

So dunno :man_shrugging:.

Jack is overrated how much 4 a lvl 4 forge 27 000$ + initial cost @ best how much melting is required just to cover that… Good taps will do the job…

Which cards don’t work anymore?

I know Venom Blade and Venom Resistance don’t work in Horde, but it still works in Escape though.

Some people play for XP. I can imagine this being ruined for them, or their life made harder.

I know Jack can cover the cost of Level 1-4 Forge in 2 waves. But not so sure about no Jack. It could be 200% times longer.

To be fair, Fahz is a reasonably viable character now. Not overly powerful and probably needs a couple of minor adjustments but he can be an asset.

They’ve changed that Exploit Weakness card so it applies critical damage all the time now (and not while just in X-Ray) so that’s up to an extra 50% critical damage.

And the Ambush card has been restored to what it was, so it can deliver up to 140% extra critical damage if the enemy is full health (was previously reduced to 50%).

Fahz’s legendary card is a bit useless though. I’d have though changing it to fire active freeze bullets would be a good legendary card. I mean, given Fahz can’t always reliably kill enemies due to the nature of the Ambush card and Enemy Regeneration on harder difficulties, then a bonus allowing him to lock targets in place for a few seconds would make sense.

Or alternatively change his passive skill so that headshot kills transfer the target’s powerddpilfer ammo directly to Fahz. Otherwise you’re left with lots of power and pilfer ammo miles away, and Fahz is expected to produce long range kills.

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Ha ha, exactly this!

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I disagree. If we only had 1 engineer slot they everyone would use the top tier engineer. Which might still be Baird after the bleeding fences fix. He still have locker buff and his turrets hit harder than Dels. Cost is nice but is irrelevant if you have a Jack. I don’t think much will change. Instead of a ton of barriers were going to go back to a ton of sentries.
When it was just Del and Kat I used Kat a lot. Mainly because I liked the hologram. 2 engineers is a viable tactic. One builds then when their costs goes up the other builds. Both can repair and refill sentrys. After a certain point it’s just too much for one person to do before the next wave.

Shock Chain and Efficient Executioner don’t work on Horde either. I know my EE card is maxed out at Level 5 and I don’t remember the level of my SS card. Lahni isn’t the best to use in Horde to use to begin with and these cards not working don’t help

When’s the last time you tried? Shock Chain was fixed at some point this Operation.

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Yes it’s lovely having repair support I find. Massive time saver.

This is where Baird has the colossal advantage. Precision Repairs benefitting every single item on the field. Fantastic! So much freedom for expansive builds! We will see a return of the old Decoy heavy builds I think. :slight_smile:

It would be sweet if his 300% repair speed also worked on refilling sentries.

Yes that would be a great bonus. But with the enormous amount of cash saved through Precision Repairs, people can easily grab a Repair Tool and assist with the busy work.

Jesus Christ, just how many buffs does Fahz need?! :joy:

Longshot Handling
Exploit Weakness
Modified Longshot
Critical damage perk
Precision damage perk

The player must bring something to the table. In this case, aim. I know it’s a more skill-intensive role than many other characters but in the right hands he wreaks all kinds of havoc!

That’s good. I will have to check out Efficient Executioner next time I try Horde

Even without glitches, Engineers still have this capacity.

I got to disagree with your reasoning, Character choice is still just that, there are people out there that still prefer Del over Baird, and even Kat over Del and Baird. Each character is different, and each in a sense unique to each other. There will be no need to spam Barriers once is is sorted, and to be completely truthful, spamming Barriers is not the right thing to do, it never has been, i personally consider it a selfish thing to do, just like Sentry spamming. The Engineer is a support character, and regardless what The Coalition says, the Engineer can be Offence, Defence or Support, they are incorrect, and i will stand by this decision with absolutism, the Engineer is a Support character, should be and definately needs to be.
The Weapons Locker buff is a good thing, but it is and should be just for Baird anyway, which would be the idea if there is only one Engineer anyway.
Jack, i have always believed Jack to be a waste of time, and building Horde around Jack, Forge and the Taps was the stupidiest thing The Coalition has done so far, even more so than Escape.
As for the cost increase, i have no idea why this was implemented, in todays Horde it is dumb, because you still have people not dumping Energy, either through forgetfulness or sheer ignorance, and then you have the stupid, stupid personal skills that cost Energy.
There is no reason why there should be only one Engineer, none at all. It really does make that character unique, just like every other character should be, and needs to be.

I get the sense that the Hero system will (at least in theory) mean that all characters of any particular role (“engineer”; “scout” etc) will be distinctly different from one another so it could lead some hybrid characters.

With Baird, his skillset seems to lean toward a sort of sniper-engineer hybrid.

I think the roles that TC have allocated to each character is very vague and general and it seems that no two characters of the same role will be the same, and therefore it would be far too restricting if they started to restrict the number of engineers.

Also as a general observation, alot of your gripes about the Horde system for you seems to come from playing with strangers through public matchmaking (and possibly the lobby list?) - so I presume lack of communication and teamwork is a regular feature in your Horde experience?

Horde is designed to be a team game. I know it’s stating the obvious, but as I play with friends, we communicate and work together and things tend to go more smoothly. I’m not telling you how to go about your life and how to play the game, but I really really recommend you do some networking, build up a friends list of good communicative players and play with them instead. The Horde experience really does improve!

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