They still haven't fixed the aim assist bug on deebees (June 29th)

The same problem from early April, possibly earlier still persists.

The first two clips are the ones that are relevant, the ones made on June 29th 2021. The longer one (1:27 in length) is on advanced. The shots still gravitate towards the body when hitting the head, but the problem goes away when aim assist is off. PVE target lock is off. You can clearly see this in the video.

The other one that is shorter at 39 seconds is on Elite. Aim assist is on, but shots work normally. You can see this in the video and make a comparison to the one on Advanced. It already works fine on the other difficulties, so the blueprint for how to adjust it is already there. You guys have the answer right there, why is this so difficult to fix? Why has this issue persisted for so long?

Ah that’s why I never stumbled upon this.

Yes. It mostly affects specific difficulties and you only notice it against deebees with aim assist on.