They shut down my gears 3 thread regarding the servers with "Legacy Game"

Some forum adminstrator shut down our thread regarding the Gears 2, 3, and Judgement servers being done with a comment of “legacy game.”

That’s a bit annoying because it’s not like The Coalition has a strong track record as contemporary developers. Their entire intellectual property is built on Legacy Games.

Please fix the Gears 2, 3 and Judgement servers.

this is you because it’ll never happen lol


that gave me a chuckle, ty for this.
ive spent a couple mins trying to respond with something witty but you did my job for me. thx best friend.

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Is it really their responsibility?


Come play 5.

We have fun on 5.


@grey_mineman I got you

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It’s easier to keep the forum thread open and let us commiserate than it is to shut it down. People will just keep posting about it anyways.

True, and nothing will still happen. It’ll just get ignored or get the same answer & it’ll eventually die out

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No, but the games are on gamepass, it leaves a big chunk of those games’ experiences basically dead

Bungie shutting OG servers for the OG games is alright, mainly because there’s a substitution in MCC

there is no other way to play these games online

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I’m pretty alright with that tbh

Games are about money. How is Xbox making money when people play old games like Gears 2? Especially when it is an old game made by someone else.

Is Xbox going to make money from old Gears games? Are people actually going to play it or is it online noise nostalgia? Is it really enough players to make the development worth it?

Xbox makes money moving expired Bungie games to their 343 MCC version.

If there is a suggestion to pay for it then you may have a chance.


Well the right people to talk to should be microsoft.

It really is annoying imagine getting you’re stats reset then trying to get Seriously 3.0 knowing you can’t get it cause the war supporter medal is unobtainable. thanks to them I wish they could just fix it already this is really annoying and unfair for achievements hunters and new players who want to play this amazing game and they can’t get 100% thanks to some company that doesn’t wanna fix it. It’s really unfair and not cool whatsoever.

Id rather have them focus on their games problems then some old games problems.

yeah and im sorry that its unfair to you but I dont think its at the top of their to do list. and im glad it isnt.

It’s so easy for them to mess something up but to fix it it’s impossible. :man_facepalming: Who else should I ask about this? Like can’t they at least warn us before something is going unobtainable, they did that with gears pop why not gears 3?

when in the grey use grey to find that grey

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Ok seriously, is TC even the Team that does support those old servers ?

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Sorry, I am lost. Are the servers no longer working for the previous games? Did they get UE’d too?

They won’t even talk about the Gears of War 4 Sunset Update, and you expect them to fix games they didn’t make…

Gears pop was made under them, not gears 1-J lmao. Terrible comparison.